Monday 12 April 2021
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His Excellency Jack Huang?

…Govt denies claim Chinese businessman has Namibian diplomatic passport


Government says claims that Chinese businessman Jack Huang is a Namibian diplomatic holder holds no truth.
Huang’s friendship with President Hage Geingob has exposed him to close scrutiny from the public, with many harbouring the feeling that he is enjoying special privileges in Namibia that only Namibians should.
The Chinese national has never denied his close proximity to power, neither has the President. But Huang has in the past made it clear that his business dealings are not sustained by such relations.
The Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Maureen Hinda has called on Namibians to steer clear from spreading fabricated news stories and distributing it as if they are real because it can tarnish the image of the country.
“Namibians should remember that the country is trying to build a brand for itself, so we must stop with stories of saying he holds a Namibian diplomatic passport. I can confidently say that Huang was never granted a Namibian diplomatic passport,” she said.
“For those stating that they will investigate the concocted news on Huang, I am urging you to first investigate and get the facts right before spreading such lies.
Investigations are vital before turning the information gathered into a story, I am not saying that news should be hidden we must learn to work with the truth and nothing else,” she said.
She further highlighted that “just because people may have seen Jack Huang in the queue of Namibian diplomatic passports at the Hosea Kutako Airport does not mean he has one.
It happens in Namibia that if a certain queue is not filled at the point of entry it is the duty of the officer at each point to avail assistance to people when they can.
Diplomatic queues are not exclusively for diplomats, it however gives preference to them, but if there is no diplomat in the queue, help maybe rendered to others to reduce the strain on those waiting in queues that maybe longer,” said Hinda.
Namibians passports are divided into three categories namely, ordinary passport, official passport and the diplomatic passport.
In order to be a holder of a diplomatic passport as stated by Hinda, there must be a Cabinet resolution on who qualifies for diplomatic passport.
“This resolution is usually heeded by the executives of the cabinet, cabinet ministers and parliamentarians whether they are from opposition or ruling parties.”
“A diplomatic passport is for Namibian diplomats only,” she said.
Hinda noted that diplomatic passports do not come with the benefit of giving the holders diplomatic immunity as these are two completely different things.
All passports are granted through the Ministry International Relations and Cooperation and the Ministry of Home Affairs not from anywhere else.
In addition, Hinda further added on that when it comes it comes to honorary councils in representing a country in foreign nations, such officials only get awarded a stationary set of official documentation.
“They are entitled to some basic documentation to a certain extent that will allow them to deal and correspond with certain engagements.
Their benefits are more likely to be very limited to privileges such as number plates but it does not give them any form of diplomatic immunity,” she concluded.

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