Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Battle of the Artists

Having returned once again to Windhoek, the city of bright lights and an artist’s creative hub, Art Battle the live competitive event, was evidently the talk of the town last week.

Fellow artistic junkies made their way to Eagles Beer Garden to support those who took part in the competition despite the cold weather.

The ambience was set with just the right tone of perfect retro music, barbeque stands, a bar and very few lighting poles that were put in place in what almost seemed like an old abandoned unpainted building to give it the edgy street style it needed.

The competition saw a group of 12 artists from different artistic backgrounds take to the stage, where they transformed blank canvases to beautiful work of arts.

For 20 minutes they battled it out, whilst keeping the crowd in suspense.

With splashes of paint everywhere as the artist dipped their paint brushes in their pallets, on lookers watched in awe as to how good the artists were to be able to create such amazing pieces of art in such a short period of time.

The buzz of the night was seeing how many people constantly took out their phones to snap and share their favourite artists work via social media which proved that people are definitely led by technology.

With each individual being placed in one category per round, those who attended the battle held the key to the competition because the deciding factor of who was to win laid in their applauding hands.

Winner of the art battle was the crowd’s favourite Kelsey Van Schalkwyk who is a painter by profession. The Lounge spoke to Kelsey on the side who in a very happy mood noted that it was only through God that she made it to the end of the competition as the winner.

Kelsey who also wore a t-shirt with the letters printed Jesus on it kept showing it off during the competition with so much confidence and a bright smile on her face as she continued to describe that He was the reason behind her work.

“Jesus has always been the driving force behind my work, and as an artist I actually live of my work, but many people have this idea that one can’t make a living from art but here I stand today as a true testimony that it is possible”.

Both her pieces had human faces incorporated but with a twist of paint that either dripped from one side to the other and a spiral of paint colours intertwined with in each other.

Another Art Battle is set to take place later in June this year.

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