Wednesday 14 April 2021
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NHE waiting list close to 100 000

The National Housing Enterprise is swamped with applications from people  who want to own a home.
Official figures provided by NHE indicate that there are 89 621 clients registered on the NHE waiting list.
Despite the will to construct more houses, the unavailibility of serviced land remains a major challenge.
“Generic challenges facing the construction industry are such as high input cost of building materials and the unavailability of served land in urban areas and with that NHE cannot build houses without land allocated from local authorities who are the custodians of the land upon which houses are constructed” explained NHE’s spokesperson Eric Libongani.
NHE experienced a slow growth over the past five years and has not achieved its national target in terms of housing delivery, therefore The Patriot sought to know where it currently stands on its mandate to deliver affordable housing to the Namibian people.
In the strategic plan for the years 2017/2018-2022/2023 provided by the National Housing Enterprise, it is indicated that the Government has set as a national target in the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5), the development plan of 20 000 houses over a five year period.
Namibians are currently up in arms because of the high housing and land prices which government is failing to address.
Another concern is the unregulated rental prices in the country.
Government continues to ignore calls to establish a rent control board.
Middle-income earners are struggling to purchase houses because of the commodification of the housing sector in the country. Government has further been accused of failing to provide adequate funding support to NHE.
The Harambee Prosperity Plan has detailed a number of challenges encountered by NHE including the Mass Housing Project implementation that have necessitated an organizational transformation in order to keep abreast with increasing demands by customers, new competition in the market place, sustainability requirements and the national target set.
Since NHE does not depend on government for funding, NHE  has its own funding loan book which helps it to generate revenue to cover  its operations.
Funds not utilized during the prior financial year are normally reinvested into capital projects, while funds obtained from treasury will be geared towards project houses and acquisition of land from local authorities.
Other revenue streams include borrowed capital and Public Private Partnerships.

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