Monday 12 April 2021
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You can meet your future wife in a club

People have this idea that the perfect potential wife is one that does not go out, party nor drink which I must say is far from the truth. There are so many people who have gone out and even gotten drunk a few times and still managed to find their soulmates with no trouble whatsoever.

The value of someone is not based on whether they choose to go out or not because when two people vibe, they just vibe and partying cannot change that.

Imagine missing out on love just because society has decided that those who find love in clubs are not worthy of it.

I find it very funny when men sit in circles among themselves and degrade women who go out yet they keep hunting for any woman on a night out.

If staying at home makes one the best, then why are there so many women who stay home  still single. I swear men keep contradicting themselves on what they want, yet they do not go for it.

Ladies let me tell you do not sacrifice yourself by trying to turn yourself into an idea of what men think is perfect. The right man will see you and love you for who you are regardless.

There are men out there who are mature enough to know that a woman who goes to a club is still a woman and should be respected.

Men please learn to understand that just because a woman chooses to go out, it does not mean she does not have any sense of direction for her life or career.

You cannot expect a 20 year old female to sit home and break herself just trying to prove that she’s of infinite value.

What then happens to all the years she could have fully lived out her youth? There are so many double standards in this world that men can get away with but a woman can’t?
You go around and in every corner you hear things such as to be the perfect woman you need to stay home, cook, clean, dress appropriately, not drink but when do we ever hear of what perfect men for marriage should be like? Never!

I believe that it’s always the broke men who want to make women who party seem like they are useless and do not deserve to get wifed up.

If I must point it out, an Ethiopian prince recently married a woma n who he met in a nightclub and if you must know they are actually leading a happy love life.

There are approximately seven billion people in the world so take note that within that number are men who see beyond petty stuff like partying and choose not to judge.

Please note that staying home does not ensure that a marriage will last and that going out does not mean that a marriage cannot last either because it can.

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