Tuesday 11 May 2021
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There’s no success for people of colour

Over the past few days a lot has been happening in  terms of news but what stood out for me was the story about Ashwin and The Royal wedding. But it’s not really about what you think it should be about, but instead about a system that is so well thought out that it makes any person of colour (POC) look like a fool.

Let me start with somewhat of a context on the Ashwin Willemse story, a well known Springbok player, who happens to be a person of colour – a coloured to be exact, stood up to white men on live television. The incident occurred on a sports talk show when Ashwin abruptly left the studio in a burst of anger because he was being patronized over a game that he is a professional at. But because of his ethnic background it was claimed that he got his position as a token because of some Rugby politics and regulations.

But what annoys me is that it’s all a trap and that no matter how much he is standing on proper grounds, he will look like a fool to the media powerhouses.

The thing is he went off on a show, that talks about a sport dominated by white men, a show whose majority demographic consists  of white men.

But that’s the thing we try to go to platforms created by the white man, to call out the white man, not knowing that its set up in a way that when we do call out the white man it will make us (POC) look like fools. It’s like the perfect off-fence trap and we’ve been falling for it. You really want to call out a white man for your expertise on a game watched, coached, endorsed and played by majority white man on a platform with its demographic being majority white? That is career suicide to me as a black man. And the terrible thing about it is that he just stood up for himself in a very respectable manner, but the way social media from a certain demographic has been blowing up, I’m sickened.

Now you might ask “Well then Scharlarco what platforms do we as POC have to air our views?” and sadly I must tell you, you have BET and Mzanzi Magic and more, but we don’t have platforms at the same time. The ones that are there for us portray, us as below standard human beings. See BET – that’s just a load of propaganda. We have shows that portray our women as hood rats who are no good but for their bodies, and the amount of “fleekness” they can achieve, woman who are only as good as their husband even boyfriends paycheck. They portray men of color as nothing but beings that can only function on physicality other than smart jobs. I’m talking about shows about these sports stars and musicians. Showing our women to this day to still only have qualities as sex slaves and men as labourers. Only “Fit” enough to move ox wagons and carry bricks around.

The system has indirectly created a parallel world of enslavement co-existing with the world of previous enslavement times.  I know as much as we have great and interesting personalities, we will always be celebrated for our flaws and the abilities to be great at using our strengths and abilities to make the not-POC community richer and more influencial.

Now the royal wedding. It was such a beautiful moment to witness, such a pleasure being part of history like that. Imagine telling your daughter in a few years, “I was there streaming it live as it was happening”, great right?

But no, it was the first “black princess” to grace our screens. Do we know how stupid that sounds? Do we know how immensely degrading it is for you to tell my daughter finally there is a black princess that you can look up to.  Hell no!

Africa has had and still has generations of African kings and queens, and just because they are not on western media we refuse to acknowledge them, we refuse to allow them to be “household royalty”. We forget that a lot of the traditions, sciences, systems and trends has been adapted some way or another from those people who have treaded on African soil.

Its just really sad to see how we as Africans, as much as we want freedom from the modern day oppression, are still tying nooses on ourselves and slowing pulling the levers to kill what is our. This world, this beautiful planet that we live on is a beautiful place, but the world in which you were raised in is an even more beautiful place meant just for you. Cherish it, embrace it, Grow it!

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