Wednesday 12 May 2021
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What’s your winter shoe game like?

Winter has fallen upon us with no sense of warning whatsoever, in the midst of most people working towards scrapping their mid-month cents to prepare for the cold. One cannot help but notice how old boots and sneakers are being pulled out from the deep ends of their closets.

It surely is not getting any warmer, which basically means finding the right pair of shoes that are able to keep ones toes warm and cozy is on top of everyone’s to do list. Out with the sandals and open toe heels to basically being covered all the way up.

Allowing your feet to breath is a past season favourite and now that winter is taking over it is important to keep them warm. What’s an N$ 300 pair of boots compared to getting sick and constantly having to make payments when visiting the doctor because you keep catching a cold?

With some trendy shoe stores open across Namibia, cute thigh high, ankle boots for women, flats, Chelsea boots for men and unisex sneakers are sure to be shoes that most will pair with their winter outfits to complete a well-rounded admirable look.

Note that colour plays an important role when picking the perfect shoe because it has to be a colour able to go with most items one has in their closet too.

This is why it is vital to know that going for dramatic colour tones can be tricky unless you are able to dabble in the art of making different shades work then go for it.

Dark tones are what most people prefer, solely on the basis of these tones being easy to stay clean, match almost everything and are also easier to find.

Just a piece of advice while you at it, when picking your perfect winter shoes make sure you pick a pair of good quality that can last you several years.

The Lounge took it upon itself to find out what most Namibian’s shoe game would be like this winter. By default it evidently came out that, there is a diverse sense of styling because people tend to go for what they feel comfortable in.

Albertina Sheehama who is very well prepared for winter, says she’ll be in black knee high boots all season because she has a pile of them already stocked up in her cupboard.

“I recently just came back from Ukraine where I spent seven years and if you know Ukraine you’ll know that when it snows it gets really cold, lucky for me I have all the shoes I need which means that I do not have to spend a single cent this winter”.

Being one that loves fashion, Julia David says Foshini and Mr. Price will be her winter go to shops. A boot enthusiast by heart, David highlighted that dark tones are what she likes.

“Brown and black are great tones and they complement my favourite colour as well which is white, putting together outfits of the day would be simple for me because boots suit my body shape which I believe is pleasing to the eye”.

Charlene Adams, who is a student, will be buying her winter shoes based on her budget. Adams revealed that this winter she will be going for furry coloured ankle boots which she finds to be cute and comfortable.

“Most do not like colourful shoes but I do, this is because it makes me stand out and I really do not want to look like everyone else, plus colourful shoes from experience tend to be cheaper because they are not in demand and stores sell them for less to get rid of them”.

Women are not the only ones who will be making winter fashion statements this winter, Namibian men have shown notable signs of dressing to impress and for most men little detail matters and that also applies when it comes to their shoes.

For some having a closet full of different types of winter shoes is just what is needed this winter and for Blave Kalimba it is no different.

Kalimba noted that he would be picking his winter shoes depending on the day, as some days tend to be less cold compared to others.

“I will also dress depending on my mood because it makes no sense to wear boots on a not so cold day. Lucky for me I have an array of shoes which will work, some I have never worn and it would be great to wear them now as well”.

Afonso Neumbo, says that because he tends to be on his feet throughout the day as his job requires he opts to wear sneakers this winter for comfort.

“I do not like to be dramatic with my shoes but I know that less is more, my winter shoe game will include a lot of low cut All Stars preferably black and white because it’s a classic shoe and I have no doubt that it will keep my feet warm”.

Winter is not a season that is ever going to disappear especially if you live in a country like Namibia where it is fixed on occurring every year. So just a piece of advice, please do remember to stay away from any extremely cheap shoes.

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