Friday 18 June 2021
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“One with Weather”

Inspired by how humankind has somehow been interlinked with the weather, this fascination solely became the foundation on which creative visual artist, Andrew Elifas built his photography series that he exhibited during an exhibition earlier this month at the National Art Gallery of Namibia.

The three part photography series is said to have been created with the aim of exploring an array of connections between man and the weather focusing on the visual, spiritual and emotional aspects of it.

One of the images that represented the spiritual trait, which Elifas named ‘Rain Dancer’ was recently sold and has brought his talents to the fore with members of the public having praised him for his exceptional soul provoking image.

In an interview with The Lounge, Elifas, noted that the Rain Dancer is a weather modification ritual, believed to invoke rain performed by various ethnic groups around the world.

At first glance of the image one cannot miss the nudity it exihbits which Elifas describes as a sense of connectedness as nude is something most people can all be.

The images are displayed in monochromic colour, which gives its onlookers a different feel from the normal coloured digital images that most come across these days.

Having felt that monochromic was better suited for the photography series, Elifas highlighted that it brought out the quality of the images texture just the way he wanted it to be like.
“This was specifically portrayed when I printed the images out on fine art paper, the monochrome gave the photographs a more dramatic look compared to how it would have been like in colour”.

However the exhibition was just the cherry on top of the cake for Elifas, earlier this year, as an initiative to create awareness about Namibian Hip Hop music, he worked on a video project with seven Namibian Hip Hop artists who spoke about the genre through his camera lens.

His efforts proved to have paid off as the video he shot was broadcasted on nbc1 during the 2018 annual NAMA awards show.

“I now plan on taking it a step further by taking it upon myself to do a photo shoot with these artists, which will represent what was seen in the video to still images that I will be exhibiting as well once completed.

Not having had much experience with cinematography, a year ago Elifas attended a filmmaking workshop that was hosted by the Namibia Film Commission and some valuable schooling from Canadian editors, Paul Andrew and Helga-Liz Haberfellner.

Where he got to learn how to edit and tell various stories through visuals and immediately fell in love with the art of cinematography and that was how he gained the confidence that he used to shoot the video for the NAMAs.

“It’s amazing to know how many ways of communication there are out there and I learned it all in such a short stint of the duration of the workshop”.
His love for creativity started off during his high school years and has brought him thus far. Elifas who describes himself as an observant and experimental individual who tends to think a lot highlighted that he is a geek for complex technology and the Art theory led him to diving into the pool of creativity.

Before he got really good at what he now does for a hobby and his career, he explained that in his high school years he only showed specific interests in certain editing computer programs.

“After school I would go home and experiment with different computer programs like Photoshop, fruity loops and any editing program I could get my hands on and applied it to my creativity.

After numerous attempts of failing and trying it finally paid off and I got my first job as a graphic designer and truth be told at the time I did not even know what graphic designing was but I got to learn from the people I met along the way and that I am forever grateful for”.

Creativity has not only opened various doors for Elifas but it has also led to his self-discovery as a creative.

Growing his career as a creative is still a work in progress for Elifas who notes that everything he has thus far produced has made him very happy, and has led him on a path of wanting to constantly create and put out great work for others to see and be inspired by.

He is a force to watch out for in the visual industry as plans on running a film festival in August are some of the projects he also plans on bringing forth this year among other things.