Saturday 17 April 2021
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Don’t throw parties if you can’t afford them!

If you are going to throw a birthday, wedding, house, baby shower, graduation or any sort of party please do so without asking for contributions from those you have invited.

It is not with in our budgets to be forcefully invited to a party and then told to bring our own share of food, I mean why throw a party in the first place ?

We cannot be in 2018 and still not know how to act. If you do not have enough money to host people than just don’t host them in the first place. Not having a party will not kill you.

If it was your idea to host a certain party then be responsible enough to fund it, you cannot be stressing people to dig deep into their pockets to fulfil that idea of yours. We are not here to entertain your friends either.

If you have not noticed there are reasons why people do not go out of their way to throw parties, because people know that it requires a lot.

Birthday parties top it off, at least if you are going to have a birthday dinner try and foot the bill, cover the area of food and at least a drink or two.
And then if there are any others who would like to have their own additional drinks tell them to cover their own drinks from there on wards just don’t expect guests to pay.

In other instances people tend to ride on others, some invited guests show up with nothing while others do and then still find a way to benefit from food and drink items that they did not pay for.

This is really unfair to say the least and if people complain than it is seen as not being happy and wanting to destroy certain celebratory events.

This reminds me of a mishap that happened between a group of females who were preparing for a baby shower. Invited guests were strictly briefed on what gifts they had to buy.

This meant that if someone was already buying a baby pram than another one had to buy a baby car seat, nappies and all extravagant gifts.

Which to me made no sense at all because why should people have a say as to what kind of gift someone has to buy.

If I honestly wanted to spend as much on someone else then I should do so willingly –   I do not have to be instructed to do so. Affording parties will come naturally so wait for it.

Do not let the thirst of fitting in and showing that you are having a party that you cannot afford just to impress people.
It will do more damage than good for your reputation. Let those who can afford go all out.

I can’t stress the importance of learning to do things that fit with your budget, try saving up first then tell people to come over.

Don’t get me wrong we do not mind spending time socialising with people, but it should not be done at our expense if we do not see the need for it.

Trust me, people will go out and party when their pockets permit them to and that is something most people should learn to understand.

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