Sunday 11 April 2021
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YouTube Content Creator in the Making

Of this one thing I am certain and that is that not many people know the inventor behind YouTube. He goes by the name of Jawed Karim and at a mere 27 years  old, he launched his career in innovation in mid 1990.  Over the years it has grown from a platform that shared music videos, to one where it has now turned into a hub that has allowed its users to vlog about their daily lives in efforts to interact with a large group of people from all over the world.

The platform has become quite common among many Namibians and has proven to be one that has availed the opportunity for fellow Namibians to get to know more about each other.
Namibians seem focused on producing reviews of Namibian products, vlogs of beautiful Namibian travel destinations and career life experiences that the youth who are more active on the platform can relate to.

The Lounge spoke to 22 year old Kiki, who is the content creator of her YouTube channel, ‘HyperMadchen’ which has 617 subscribers up to date.

Most who have watched and subscribed to the channel would definitely describe her as a fun and energetic individual who doesn’t shy away from vlogging in front of people.

However the art of creating a YouTube channel has always been something Kiki wanted to do but because she did not have enough drive at the time which resulted into her constantly pushing it off.

Eventually as part of her year New Year resolution in 2017 she drew up a plan on how what she wanted her channel to be about.

“I decided upon a channel that I wanted to have control over with content of my choice, I also wanted the liberty of being authentically myself with no pressure whatsoever and that is how the channel came about”.

She further explained that part of her plan was to also develop a skill which was how to do make-up in terms of featuring beauty and fashion content.

“I however felt it was limiting that is why I also ventured into creating content about medicine, my life as a medical student in Namibia as that aspect has not been explored yet”.

The response from all over the world has been so overwhelming that it has pushed Kiki into wanting to constantly keep vlogging without fear because she describes her subscribers as being very nice and encouraging.

Kiki further noted that because she lives a very busy life, medical school takes up much of her time, multitasking is unfortunately not one of her strongest selling point which sort of prevents her from creating at times.

“Creating content is easy for me however taking time to record it, is hard. It also depends on the department I’m in and how busy it is, I am in the hospital from 8 till 5 every day and sometimes until midnight if I’m on call so I only have weekends to create content for my channel”.

Kiki further highlighted that her channel had been created with the intentions to relate to anyone who has been curious about what becoming a doctor is really all about because there’s not clarity anywhere and it’s almost like a secret.

“Through my channel I give insight to learners that keep asking me about this career. I never had that kind of guidance in relation to Namibia in particular especially when I was in grade 12 so hopefully that through my channel I am able to give them a better perspective of their options as they choose what job they want to take in the future.”

Kiki highlighted that she is always looking to bring forth more interesting things to her channel as part of her future miniseries, however she cannot reveal most of it on what they will be, because the element of surprise is what makes her channel.

Most YouTubers across the world usually get paid for creating content however in Namibia the same does not apply so one would think that creating for fun is a waste of one’s time whist they can be doing something else that generates them and income.

However for Kiki this is not what she had been focusing on as all she wants to do is create.

“You see, when I started my channel, my aim was not to get paid or blow up and become a multimillion dollar YouTuber because I love creating, it makes me happy, test my levels of creativity and it’s my escape from my really stressful and draining job so if someday I get paid for doing that then great.”

She further noted that she has already drawn up a plan for her channel because she know and believes that it will play out exactly how she has imagined it would.

“I’m calling the shots on this one. It’s very promising I can guarantee that. Bigger and better is expected.”

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