Saturday 10 April 2021
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You will succeed with in your own time

There are times in life where we as humans look at others and feel a little discouraged because of where they are.

As humans we tend to look down on ourselves and think that we have not achieved enough while others have apparently conquered the world. For most of us, this feeling starts in most of our twenties.

This is where you start to feel as if all your years in school weren’t put to good use, when you see your peer’s excelling in their careers.

However we easily forget that we as a humans, we have come far and that life itself remains our greatest achievement and we forget to be grateful for all the challenges we had to overcome to be where we are today.

For some time now I have been struggling with getting my drivers licence, and I question why people who are my age got to have it so easily at their first attempt.

I beat myself to the point that I forgot how I went from being scared of starting a vehicle to actually being able to drive 80km/h now.

Don’t laugh – I know for you experienced drivers it may be a little slow for some but it’s something I never thought I would be able to do. And I should count it as an achievement, no matter how small it may be.

A very good friend once told me that in life certain things will seem difficult to achieve and they will take time, but one thing that we all should note is that being delayed does not mean you are being denied.

So before wishing you had what others have, ask yourself some questions. Such as if you wish you had a house right now when you look at your peers having houses, would you be able to keep up the house ?

If you were to have a car right now because your peers have cars, are you sure you are equipped enough to drive on the road without putting another person’s life in danger ?

And if you were to have as much money as your peers have would you know exactly what you want to invest in ?

So before wanting another person’s blessing I encourage you to ask God for wisdom to direct you in to the right path. Ask Him for wisdom to use  what you have to get what you want at your own pace.

Remember that the effort you put in will soon pay off. We need to stop looking at the next person and wishing we were in their shoes.

Some obstacles are served to us differently because we as humans know how to deal with circumstances in our own manner.

As long as you are still breathing, know that you have a purpose and know that you will achieve all that you want to achieve provided you keep at it.

Learn to be happy for those that have made it before you, they may be the ones in a better position to advise you as to how you can go about growing yourself.

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