Monday 19 April 2021
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Meroro is no match to me – Harry

The much anticipated fight between three-time world champion Harry Simon and Vikapita Meroro is finally on the cards and the redeemed champion says his opponent is no match for him. The fight is slated for 30 June at the Ramatex hall in Windhoek.
Simon, ‘The Terminator’, who last fought in 2016 when he defeated Japhet Kaseba of Tanzania during a boxing bonanza held on the sidelines of the Helao Nafidi Business Expo at the town’s hall, still boasts an unscathed record of 29 wins from the same number of fights.
Last year, Meroro suffered a humiliating defeat when he was floored by Russian Maxim Vlasov in the first round at the Krilya Sovetov Arena in Moscow, Russia.
The former WBO Cruiserweight champion has had more downs in his boxing career that at some point prompted him to hang up the gloves. It was last year when he and other boxing sensations decided to get out of bed with the MTC Sunshine Academy for greener pastures.


The fight between the two has been widely expected. It has been called off numerous times with fingers pointing at Simon reportedly developing cold feet before the fight. Other speculations were that Meroro’s camp did not offer perks attractive enouh to get Simon’s attention.
“Meroro is no match for me. I will teach him boxing and make him hate boxing. He has tasted retirement so I will make sure that this will probably be his last fight,” said Simon who is currently working off some weight.
“I know we are going to put up a good fight but I will be faster, quicker and on top of him. He will think he is surrounded by three boxers. In every round I will make sure he does not land more than 10 punches. I know Meroro and I know I can knock him out or beat him on points. He will retire on his own because I will be on fire, especially if he comes unfit.”
Simon’s boxing career came to a standstill in 2002 when the car he was driving was involved in a horrific accident in which three Belgian tourists, two adults and a baby were killed. The boxer was sentenced to an effective two years in jail after he was found guilty of culpable homicide in the Walvis Bay Regional Court. He was subsequently stripped off all titles.
“I have done many mistakes in my past like any other human and I have paid for my mistake. I am back now and I want to make a living, which I can only do through boxing because that’s what I know best. I am talented and do not struggle to box at all,” he said.
The former champion said the nation will finally get to see their favourite boxer in action again. He claimed that the fight will mean a lot to his supporters who would like to see him return to the top.
Simon boasts a record of 29 fights of which 21 came by way of knockout, while Meroro has a record of 35 fights, 28 wins, 14 of which came by way of knockout and 7 losses and 3 of those he was knocked down.
At a press conference this week, an equally buoyant Meroro maintained that Simon is an old man who is finished.
“He used to be our great champion but his time is up now and I will finish him off within five rounds. Somebody will fall on the night but that somebody will not be me,” said Meroro.
“Simon is a champion of the past, he knows it very well. This is more than just a fight, it will be personal and Namibians will see a fighting and fast Meroro. I will beat Harry in less than five rounds, this fight is personal for me,” Meroro added.
The fight will certainly settle the debate on who is the best as the two have long ditched each other under the pretext of stable politics and take-home monies.

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