Sunday 20 June 2021
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Government pledges conducive mining climate

Government has promised to provide a conducive environment for investors in the mining sector urging them to come and further add value to Namibia’s minerals beyond the mine gate.
“Mining should support such industries by making minerals from the mine gate available to such manufacturing plants, and of course on commercial terms. Government on the other hand, will ensure that the investment climate is conducive to attract such investors to come and further add value to our minerals beyond the mine gate. It is therefore a cooperation between the government and the private sector,” said the Minister of Mines and Energy Tom Alweendo this week at the official opening of the Mining Expo and Conference.
He also commended the Chamber of Mines for making proposals to advance value addition.  The proposal to establish a Joint Value addition Committee which was later enshrined in the NDP4 was a great idea from the Chamber, noted Alweendo.
The Expo is held under the theme “Maximising the Multiplier Effect from Namibia’s Mining Sector”.
“I understand two independent study reports have been produced with recommendations on all minerals produced in Namibia and others under exploration stage. I want to acknowledge the support that the Chamber has rendered to my Ministry as Chair of this Committee. Let me assure you that we are committed to conclude the Minerals Beneficiation Strategy as the final deliverable,” Alweendo said further.
Government has expressed deep concern over the export of natural resources without adding value.
“I have already expressed myself that I intend to take up this matter as priority number one. I am fully aware of the industry’s position on this matter that miners are not manufacturers and manufacturers are not miners. While this is true, I would like to believe that the mining industry still has a big role to play, to ensure true manufactures of intermediary and semi-finished products succeed,” he said.
Due to government’s tight financial position, Alweendo said his ministry has not been able to conduct the necessary field trips to a galvanizing plant in South Africa and a copper wire fabrication plant in Zambia.
“It is envisaged that experiences from these missions will greatly shape new policy proposals on how Namibia could attract similar investors. I look forward to work with the industry to conclude this priority matter, hopefully in the course of this year. Similarly, I have taken note of the opportunities that lie in the upstream industries and the potential to create jobs with SMEs and other suppliers of goods and services. I am glad to learn that mining spends over 40% of total revenue on local suppliers,” said the minister.
Alweendo reiterated that the fight against poverty is about job creation and that every job counts.
“I am looking forward to fruitful engagements with the Chamber on further avenues of job creation in line with the Expo Theme. Let me take this opportunity to once again thank the Chamber of Mines for hosting these annual events. I am equally pleased to note that you have extended participation to the energy and electricity supply sectors,” he said.

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