Sunday 16 May 2021
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Astrological Chart Reading

If you thought that poetry, blogging and beard oil brand ‘By Design’ was all Lynn Komu was interested in, one would be surprised to know that she also dips into in the art of astrological chart reading.

Astrology is the study of astronomy, a natural science that studies celestial objects and phenomena that may or may not link to human behaviour. This, Lynn says is still an ongoing study.

Lynn noted that despite chart reading being very complex, she obsessively started off with looking at the charts of people she knew and compared it to who they were for a period of two years purely out of fascination.

She explained that after sometime it became more of a hobby and something she turned into a form of fund generation. After the chart reading, she does usually compile of a 50 page long report.

Highlighting that she has never been wrong with her chart readings, Lynn noted that some people who read into horoscopes would at times find it off because they are quiet tricky.

“That is why I only read horoscopes written by specific people and even prefer to do my own horoscopes myself for accuracy”.

She further explained that most Christians usually consider astrology being related to witchcraft without any evidence.

“I am not able to change their minds in this regard which is fine. However what I can say is that astrology existed before Christianity and had been used by many ancient cultures from the East, the Mayans particularly. Egyptians also used it to build their pyramids”.

According to the Bible, God warns that astrologers are unable to save people as they trade in  error.

Lynn notes contrastingly that this has always been linked to energy and has always been expressed as theory rather than facts.

The idea that people have of astrology being evil is one that Lynn believes needs research. She believes each individual should do their own homework to decide what they think about it.

“Anything can be evil if you choose to perceive it that way, I’ve seen so many astrologers scam people. I think in this area the best thing to do is a little bit of research before approaching someone or asking them questions.

Because if they cannot explain astrology to you in a way that you can understand then they do not understand it enough themselves.”

She highlighted that daily horoscopes also can be a scam if individuals don’t know what they are looking for.

“Daily horoscopes focus on sun signs but your chart has all the planets in different signs and those planets represent different things. All the planets are in a particular sign when you are born”.

She noted that it is possible for two people who are born with in the same star sign in their natal chart to experience life similarly and differently at times as well.

“This is because one of the two people is born when the moon is in Aries and another in Libra. What many horoscopes do is try to condense people to only one thing but we are all a magnitude of things and you need to factor this in when reading your horoscope.”

In terms of when it comes to dissecting what she looks for in chart readings, Lynn pin pointed out understanding being one of it.

“I did my own chart to help me understand myself better and so that’s what I try to offer other people. I always explain that astrology can be subjective.

I usually focus on the bad aspects of their charts, the energy that needs more work to be constructive. I’ve noticed that most people become aware of their more difficult energy early on in life and many work on it way before they come to me but find comfort in knowing this thing they have always felt does exist.” Lynn has so far done about 10 chart readings.

“They are usually in different signs because they don’t move at the same speed. We say one has a sun in Libra because when they were born, the sun was in the sign Libra and this applies to other planets as well.

So the sun represents our ego, who we aim to be which is why it’s written about the most, Venus represents how we express love, Mars represents our drive and what motivates us etc.”

Lynn noted that astrology is more defined not by the planet the sign is in but the degree it is to other planets in one’s chart, we call these aspects.

“There is a concept called houses in a chart and this is based on what time of the day one is born while signs are determined by the date. This means that we all have all the signs in our chart, even if a planet is not in a sign there is an area of your life (house) ruled by every sign.

Houses determine how you express your energy as well, this is why even when people are born on the same day but more than 3 minutes apart they can express themselves differently. Their planets are all in the same signs, but in different houses.”

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