Sunday 20 June 2021
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Gazza slaves for the Industry

Being among one of Namibia’s top artists, Gazza has over the years more than proven his mettle. Beyond a doubt, he remains a force to be reckoned with willing to risk it all in order to expand and shape the music industry.

With having featured various artists from across the borders, the likes of Emtee, Saudi, Davido, as well as having had his ideas brought to life by professional videographer Damian Fey, Gazza is certain that Namibia is soon to be recognized internationally.

During an interview with The Lounge earlier this week, Gazza revealed that taking Namibian music across the border has not come easy. “ I am not doing this for myself, but for my supporters, the country and for those that are under my label.”, Gazza remarked.

Having garnered enormous support from his fans, he described it as it being the push that has given him a sense of direction when it comes to music.

“The level of faith they have in me is one that I am really grateful for and I cannot say that I regret it because they play a major role in shaping my music.

I am extremely humbled to have people who have grown with me over the years as well as the privilege of having gained new fans. It just shows that my music crosses over to both the young and old.”

Gazza further explained that as an artist he has also done his best in uplifting fellow artists some who are currently under his label and some who are not. The likes of DJ, The Street Kids, Black Sheep and the late Roger were among those mentioned.
More recently, he is currently in the process of working with Tequila who has now rebranded herself to Teckla. The name change was necessary to present the more mature soulful artist to a new generation.

“The label is also working on DJ Shoza’s album which will come out later this year, and a few songs with Sam-E Lee are also in the pipeline.”

Being a jack of all trades Gazza has also signed Jeiyo under his label and described him as a very talented artist.

“Despite the recent happenings surrounding the NAMA’s, I believe that Jeiyo’s album was one of the best in 2017 and to think that he was not even nominated for the “New comer” category was a bit of a shock”.

People cannot say that the reason why he was not nominated was because they never heard of him, Jeiyo had a number one single on almost every radio station and on other digital platforms”.

He highlighted that as an artist he will continue pushing Jeiyo to keep on working on his craft and that come next year there would be a louder uproar from Jeiyo.

Gazza notes that the label as a whole will not mope over this as they have learned to always take a negative situation and take a spin out of that.

“We are grateful for the nominations my team has received like Teckla, DJ Shoza, Sam-E Lee and myself so over all we have about five to six nominations, although in some categories we are competing against each other. That is still okay because this tells us that we are all being recognised”, says Gazza laughingly.

Gazza was also recently asked to withdraw one of his videos from the Best Music Video category, noted that although he received backlash from other artists for having been nominated twice this is a sign that he has made exceptional moves when it comes to music videos.

“I however chose to keep ‘Up up away’ because I believe it stood a better chance and also because it was shot with one of the best cameras.

With this particular video I pushed the boundaries in terms of growing Namibian music -although I did not have a big budget, it still came out great”.

The backlash which he describes having come from social media bullies whom he describes as cowards has not discouraged him in any form.

“These people are only strong because of their twitter fingers, instead of throwing around negative insults my way maybe they should go to the studios and try to make a hit just like I have. Hopefully it will also be chosen for Best music video of the year. I cannot apologise for my hard work”.

He further explained that he is going for three years without having released an album.

“It is not just about having a good song and putting it out there to just qualify for the NAMA’s, sometimes it is about the vibe of your work crossing with the right time”.

Since starting in the music industry Gazza revealed that he has invested so much and has never gotten a return on investment.

“I’ve been doing it for the love of the music and for the label to survive this long. I usually take my own money that I make privately and invest it in the label.

Gazza further urged fellow artists, videographers, Djs and the likes to learn to work together and put ego aside as this will shape the industry.

“In order to expand the reach and market we as Namibians need to realise the importance of taping into other countries and working together in order to add to our 2.4 million people”.

Having dedicated much of his time recently to the studio, Gazza is in the midst of working on his 12th album which he excited about.

Collaborations with new artist may also be in the pipelines after having just come back from performing at Young African Commonwealth event in Australia.

“Performing at the Commonwealth Games was another learning experience for me. It was amazing, the back stage experience was great as well. I met a lot of artists whom I learned a lot from in those few days.

I believe a lot of collaborations will be formed from this”.

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