Saturday 10 April 2021
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When ‘Slay queens’ graduate

When I speak of graduating, I actually really mean finishing a whole course, be it for a diploma, degree, honours, masters or a PhD-what-have-you-in university.

I am probably one of the very few people who actually cheer slay queens on for getting knowledge and securing the bag at the same time because it’s a whole different ball game for others.

I wish many Namibians had the same energy during April to speak highly of slay queens who post pictures in their graduation gowns. I wish this because Namibians have a lot of things to say throughout the year when they aren’t in one.

It must hurt so many Namibians to know that even slay queens have the ability to make it through university.

Knowing that they are both street and book smart must really hurt. Most people that have this idea that slay queens have nothing going for themselves other than just knowing how to dress well.
I am so very proud of a certain someone whom I’ll refer to as our very own Namibia ‘Queen B’, because she definitely knows how to dish out surprises to us year after year.

Having graduated three times in a row, I am surprised at how most Namibians have become so silent recently after having to see her once again at Safari getting her paper.

And now all of a sudden because most of these haters can’t find anything to attack Queen B, they are going around saying it’s a diploma. But then so what if it is?

You sit around and speak down on her but at the same time have nothing but birth certificates to your name.

So instead of being bothered by someone who is flourishing with their lives why don’t you do something about your own and try and finish school so we too can see you in your graduation gown.

Instead of constantly beefing and belittling slay queens, focus on your education booboo because updating hateful statuses about slay queens isn’t going to do sh*t but leave you broke and hungry whilst they go forward with their lives.

And even though there are some slay queens who are still in university pushing to getting their papers, stop making a big deal out of it.

You guys act as if you have never once struggled to get something in life. Why is it okay for those that don’t dress to impress, but usually are active on social media to be allowed to fail but make it such a big deal when failure happens to a slay queen.

There are more pressing issues in life than worrying about a female who doesn’t know you and could care less about all the negative things you have to say about her.

Maybe its time haters took time from their boring lives to go to church and ask God for healing because it seems like the success of slay queen really hurts them that bad.

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