Saturday 15 May 2021
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Lifetime Achievers to be honoured at NAMAs

The “godfather” of drums Siegfried ‘Ou Jomo’ Haoseb and Legendary guitarist Sebulon  ‘Axue’ Gomachab are the honorees’ for this year’s Lifetime Achievers at the 2018 NAMAs.

This was revealed by the NAMA Executive Committee earlier this week.

Having being described as indisputably, the foremost talents ever to grace the shores of Namibia, their contribution to the music space of live performers, is unheralded.

Sixty years of combined experience is what exist between the two with Ou Jomo being on the drums and Axue on the guitar. Together they have woven music in the most melodious fashion; so much so that their musical foundations set the rules for modern live band performance.

Ou Jomo was born in the dusty streets of Nau-Aib in Okahandja. He began his professional musical career with Old location Afro-Jazz saxophonists such as late Ou Naftalie Leyden and late Ou Ale at his Grandfathers community hall in Okahandja.

In 1972 at the age of 15 he joined a pop group called Ugly Creatures, who sang a mixture of covers from famous world renowned groups. He recorded three albums with Ugly Creatures appearing on drums called, “Creatures of the Earth, ‘!Nosa !Keib and “Generation”.

Despite being hugely successful, Ugly Creatures went into an enforced sabbatical in 1980. Jomo started to session for number of other groups, most notably The Baronages, The Weekend Band and Ama-Africa later known as The Heroes Band.

As time passed Jomo started appearing for number of Church Music outfits such as the ELCRN Choir later renamed Bach Choir. He also recorded a number of Christmas songs with them.

He then formed another Church Music Group with friends from Ugly Creatures called Garere Music Group and recorded four albums. Jomo then embarked on a tour to Germany on two occasions where he participated in Church Music Festivals along with a few performances on the side.

One of the highlights of his career is when he formed a backing band for the late Jackson Kaujeua called Mukorob, with this band and the late Kaujeua.

He travelled the world to partake in many international music festivals. He has played with many Namibian musicians, gospel and Church Music Choirs, and recording artist such as Ras Sheehama as well.

Ugly Creatures started again in 2007 under the leadership of Dantago Nicro //Hoabeb assisted by Ou Jomo, and is still active to-date.

Guitarist, Axue was born in Windhoek but grew up in the small settlement of Okombahe. A self-taught guitar player, he picked up his guitar skills from watching his father play the coveted instrument. At the age of eight, Axue could string chords together and hold tunes together on his father’s guitar.

He was given a free hand to perform in the family choir, as they say from there history beckons.

With years passing and driven only by passion, Axue would trekked almost every Friday on foot from his home Okombahe to Martin Luther High School to play with a school band at one of Namibia’s most eminent schools.

Martin Luther High School was a revelation in the artistic industry in pre independence Namibia, where he met up with the likes of Axali Doeseb, Doc //Naobeb, Jefta, !Noabeb Moses !Omeb, Nicro //Hoabeb, Joni Adams and Emil Keister.

As a member of an ensemble of the late Jackson Kauejeua and the Mukorob band, he toured countries such as Germany, Canada, USA, Nigeria and China marketing Namibia’s dawn at Independence.

Axue also featured on the international album compilation a “Handful of Namibian Artists” released in 2004, where he appears on the album with the likes of Ras Sheehama, Patricia Ouchurus, Ngatukondje Nganjone aka Ngatu and Sharon van Rooi.

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