Friday 14 May 2021
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We all don’t deal with circumstances the same way

It’s very damaging to shutdown people who come to you and tell you their problems and all you as a person have to say is “it happened to me too  – get over it”.

We need to realise that we all aren’t made from the same cloth and just because you found a simpler way to get over a situation does not mean the next person will cope the same way.

We also need to do better as humans and learn that even if situations that surround specific problems seem closely related, they aren’t.

The words ‘Get over it’ not only makes those who go around carrying so much weight on their shoulders shy away from speaking out but it also brings forth the feeling that no one really understands.

Rather as a human being, learn the art of listening to the next person and advise them accordingly without using yourself as a reference.

If a person trusts you enough to be that open with you by loading off their issues then allow that moment in time to be about them. Because in reality whether you like it or not, it is.

Nothing sucks as much as struggling to get through something and having someone else forcefully expect some sort of healing with a snap of a finger from you.

It’s ironic how people who aren’t going through tough times easily forget how they also tend to also seek for a soft ear to listen to them when things aren’t all rainbows and unicorns on their side.

Instead of throwing the ‘it’s not that deep’ quote around as well why not try and come up with positive solutions and better coping mechanisms for those that are troubled.

Yeah it may be annoying at times to have people come to you and constantly let their issues go off on you, but if you feel like you are always going to make it about you in the end then why don’t you just let the person know straight up.

So that they don’t waste their time offloading to a person that really is not interested in listening to issues related to them.

We all don’t know how to control emotions as they are very unpredictable and people usually will never understand but it’s always nice to have someone in your corner who puts themselves aside for a moment to hear you out.

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