Saturday 10 April 2021
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Stop shifting the goalpost, Venaani tells Geingob

Leader of the official opposition party, the Popular Democratic Party McHenry Venaani said it is travesty of justice to the nation for President Hage Geingob to keep extending the goal posts annually when he has not met the previous year’s targets.  Venaani registered his dissatisfaction after Geingob read his third State of the Nation Address on Wedneday in parliament.
“What I’m saying is when you come to the State of the Nation Address, do us the honor and review the plans of last year. You cannot come every year and keep extending the goalpost,” said Venaani.
“The president has not addressed the issue of housing and how he wants to bring down housing prices. How he wants to make sure that the banks are not profiteering from people. He has not addressed the issue of jobs. Harambee says the government will produce 10 000 jobs. It has not created a single job. We have in fact lost jobs,” he added. The PDM leader said that Geingob has realized that the HPP is failing as it is not realistic. As such, Geingob has new plans, Venaani alleged.
“The president came to this house with new plans. He cannot be an architect of new plans. He has already created a plan called Harambee Prosperity Plan. Realizing that it is not working midway, now he has new plans how he wants to finance modernization and agriculture, which is something we have called for a long ago by the way.”

If it were him, Venaani said he would first meet his targets before making new plans and addressing key issues. “As government, if you want to lead your people, meet your targets. If you can’t meet them, fall short of them then even a child will not believe you the next time.”
Venaani is on record having requested to sit with Geingob but a meeting of this nature is yet to happen. The PDM accused Geingob of avoiding him and failing to talk with incumbent issues of national concern.
The drama played out in parliament on the occasion when Geingob, who came with the meeting request letter from Venaani to parliament, claiming he was not ducking the opposition leader. Venaani did not want to divulge the details of his letter to Geingob but claimed the president had a guilty conscious.
“Geingob has a guilty conscious because he has not seen me for the last three years and now he is claiming that he has letter from me and is ready to meet. I was the first politician to write to him for a courtesy call. And his arguments are on record saying that I am boastful, saying I think I’m his equal.

He has forgotten about all these things he said to me. Now he is saying he has no problem to meet me. When the world is seeing what he’s doing. He knows I’m the only leader who has the courage to challenge him on his alleged corruption case.”
Venaani will be delivering his second ‘Real’ state of the nation address on Monday. He started with this practise 2 years ago.
The ‘Real’ one will dissect the reality on the ground.
“The good thing about the SONA is that he was precise about the land conference and when it will come.
The situation on the ground is that 85 per cent of the people with the age of 21-53 are unemployed. The real situation on the ground is that people cannot afford houses because of banks. The people who  are in vocational training centres are not employable because there are no companies that can give them jobs.”
“It was a very interesting address, detailed of course. There are certain things we expected he will touch on like the current status of the genocide.
I do not want to say much because Swanu is planning to meet the President face to face so that we take on issues of national interest more seriously.
Talking about points on the floor that would not attract more attention,” said Swanu MP Usutuaije Maamberua.
“It was very promising. The one thing that I learned that in due course Namibia is going to start with the motor vehicle manufacturing plant in Walvis Bay and the first vehicle is going to roll out after July.
The biggest thing is that people who have been trained at our vocational centres will seek advance training to understand mechanics. This means that employment for the Namibians will be available,” UDF MP Dudu Murorua said.
He added: “The president has ensure us that the issue of ghost public servants who were taking much of government salaries has been taken care of. This situation created suffering because people where fleeing the entire nation.”

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