Saturday 10 April 2021
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Rukoro still in the game, for now

Namibia Football Association (NFA) Secretary General has walked away again as a survivor of the envisaged axing by his boss and President of NFA Frans Mbidi. This comes as a resolution passed in the morning hours of yesterday at an Emergency Committee Meeting aimed at normalizing the situation at the troubled football house.
David Fani, veteran football administrator yesterday landed in Namibia to mediate in what appears to be a conflict of enormous proportions in the football fratenity in Namibia.
After a series of meetings and consultations with stakeholders, the NFA announced yesterday during a press conference that, “The committee took a resolution to continue with the incumbent Secretary General until 28 April 2018. We will then host a full executive committee meeting on 28 April in Omuthiya as originally scheduled,” said Mbidi who attended the press briefing accompanied  by two body guards on the NFA grounds.
The committee also passed a resolution that Mbidi shares the contract of employment of Rukoro to the executive members for interrogation. Rukoro’s contract came to an end in March. Mbidi said the association will seek legal interpretation on the contract.
The two have been playing in each other’s courts at the expense that one should leave. Mbidi has been on record that he will fight tooth and nail to make sure he clips short Rukoro’s overstay at the football house. On more than one occasion, Mbidi has architected efforts to get rid of the football house’s administrative head accusing him of putting the name of the house in disrepute and accusing him as the man holding football hostage.

Rukuro did not hold back saying that he was willing to leave the secretary general seat but he promised to take Mbidi with him.
In 2016, Mbidi suspended his protégée on alleged gross insubordination charges. Rukoro, who is known for his bossy ways is said to have refused to carry out orders from his boss who has always been seen as the figure trying to prove a point.
He survived this suspension when the executive committee influenced the decision to lift his suspension.
Namibia Football Players Union (NAFPU) Secretary General Olsen Kahiriri last year called for the removal of Rukoro and Youth, Sports and Social Service Minister Jerry Ekandjo to be relieved from duty and be replaced by persons with sports at heart. This has not seen the light of day  except for Ekandjo who was reshuffled into retirement.
The emergency committee also considered the suspension of Rukoro by Cosafa. Rukoro is said to have allegedly man-handled Cosafa President Philip Chiyangwa at a fraternity meeting in South Africa. His suspension stands for 90 days. A resolution was passed to attain information from Cosafa on the suspension. “The emergency committee feels that information provided by Cosafa was not sufficient and we should seek additional clarity on the mater,” said Mbidi.
Rukoro appointed until ‘60’
Sources with insight into the hastely signed contract of employment of Rukoro say the standing contract is a total piece of joke with a lot of contradictions.
The executive committee, which is yet to receive the contract after the directive from yesterday’s urgent meeting, is in for astonishment.
The source informed this publication that there is a clause stating that Rukoro will remain employed  until he turns 60. In the same contract, it is stated that Rukoro’s employment will cease after 24 months.
This contract was signed in Mexico City, Mexico with the PRO as witness. It is believed that this signing happened during the time when the two were on cordial terms.  “It seems when the two guys negotiated, it was just the two of them there. The whole thing seems to have been done in a rush and it is a pity. The witnesses were made and there are no minutes.
Until the 28 April, Rukoro will stay on in his role and will get his normal monthly perks.
The meeting in Omuthiya scheduled on the above date, the Executive Committee of the NFA will meet to discuss his [Rukoro] contract, amongst other items on the agenda.
Allegations are rife that the Rukoro faction in the executive committee will submit a motion of no confidence in Mbidi as an agenda topic. This is to be confirmed seven days before.
The NFA Emergency Committee consists of the President [Mbidi] and his two deputies, First Vice President Naftal Ngalangi and   Second Vice-President Ludwig Crooks Nunuheb.

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