Sunday 18 April 2021
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Namibia’s queen of the jungle – Lioness

Primarily an artist who so often ventures and experiments with other genres, Latoya Mwoombola also known as ‘Lioness’ is a musical force to be reckoned with when it comes to Hip Hop.

After having released a banging music video titled Dreams, it is an open secret that bigger and better is to be expected from her this year.

Lioness just released a second music video titled ‘BAD’, immediatley after she released the song itself and boy – did it hoop across all social media platforms.

Tweets from her fans on Twitter read as #The growth is beautiful to see #shaking the game up #go ahead and take what’s yours and #this is how you drop music and videos guys, not these things of dropping videos after 2 years of song release. #You the leader now girl’.

It is evident that with the support from all corners of Namibia, Namibians themselves have proven to be that push in her music career that she needed as she describes her journey.

Speaking to The Lounge, Lioness noted that her career in music seemed bleak because it was full of dead ends.

“The dead ends pushed me so far to a point where I wanted to quit but I always felt that I had a blessing coming my way”.

She highlighted that her ‘Dreams’ single was a reminder to herself that she had a dream to fulfil despite losing her mother at the time who was the pivotal person in her life.

“During that difficult time I picked up bad habits which I am currently working on now in terms of correcting them and being a better artist and person at the same time”.

In reference to her newly released single, Lioness explained that the song was created on the basis of empowering woman.

“BAD speaks about empowered woman needing to be flattered by something other than money, that women themselves have their own money and men need to step up their game by looking beyond attracting us with money, but with their intellectual capacity”.

Lioness noted that she appreciates the love and positive feedback she has received because it has pushed her to continue making good quality music.

Lioness had her recent videos shot by Reggie Films and she described working with Reggie as a great experience.

“He is a professional who has a good working ethic based on his good musical ear and has great musical judgement. He is always happy to take time out of his busy schedule to work with artists such as myself and makes sure that we are all happy with the end product”.

She noted that Reggie is the future of videography in Namibia because all the videos he shoots are unique.

Lioness further explained that she loves to keep her fans in anticipation because she always brings something new and musically exciting to the industry.

A promising future for Lioness in music awaits.

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