Friday 23 April 2021
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Creative elite – the systemless with systems!

For years I’ve heard “creatives” complain about the art scene in Namibia and I always thought that Namibia’s creative scene would grow at a staggering rate, but my hopes and expectations have honestly been crushed.

So I’ve noticed that every 3 – 4 years a new generation of “creatives” come up and I am truly proud that we have been given the reigns to express ourselves. Its always a breath of fresh air to see that we have room to improve and to keep up with the modern times.

My definition of a creative is someone who creates basically, these are namely the poets, the writers, the musicians, the artists, the designers –fashion or graphic and the list goes on.

But I have noticed some things that really just bring the industry in a state of doom and I’m afraid we wont realize the impact it has till its too late.

I have noticed how creatives can’t rely on each other anymore, we do not look out for each other. There is bad talking and downgrading for no reason but to deviate attention from the fellow creative. We throw each other under the bus and leave us there for traffic to ride all over us.

I love (sarcasm) how “the elite” will steal ideas and concepts and not even state that they referenced  them from somewhere! And we think because these artists are not recognized no one will recognize the plagiarism that comes from your hand.

There are a lot of protectors of the arts who are so passionate about this community that they take the time to appreciate and discover up and coming artists, they know the styles and work of most individuals and they can point out a fraud when they see one. Don’t think your deeds are going unnoticed.

Then we have creatives that are not wo/men of their words. You tell your client it will be done in 2 weeks, let it be done in two weeks! Don’t go quiet on them or ignore their attempt at contacting you – this is for the paying client.

But these demons sent by satan, that demand heaven and earth on a 4 hour deadline with no budget, let them find someone that would do it for free or they must wait! I get migraines that shoot blood through my eyes, just thinking of it.

Another thing that makes being a creative professional so miserable and I will say this once again and will keep preaching this till  they change for the better! The average creative is ABUSED (abnormal use) in Namibia!  Sadly clients and companies that hire creatives have really stretched it when it comes to using the time and skills of a creative.

And with an economy that is not friendly to a group of professionals that are still making their way to be recognized as professionals, companies seemed to have take our desperation to their advantage.

A personal experience – I leave my office majority of the week 4-5 hours after knock off time, when I explain to my friends and family where I’ve been first thing that comes out of their mouths are, “Yoh! You must make a lot on over-time!” and now everyone knows majority creative firms give no over time whatsoever.

I just find it annoying how a group that pride themselves in societal system liberation would turn around and create a whole new system that doesn’t even accommodate their own kind.

Lets respect each other, lets do what we know best and create! Create a systemless space for all creatives, lets create a respect for one another that the office professionals only dream of, lets create a strong back up organization amongst us that takes care of the abused and misused. And lastly lets create, if there were to be one system amongst us let it be a system that only grows us and grows us without limits.

I truly believe this industry is a force to be reckoned with, and that the “office industries” are threatened by our potential.  Lets weed out the rubbish early so we flourish healthily!

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