Saturday 15 May 2021
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Governors Trust

How important is the Governors Development Program for the country and how will you as a governor ensure that this money trickles down to the communities?


Esme Isaack Hardap Region

Yes indeed it is important especially for Hardap Region. This program means a lot because so far the donations have improved the lively standards of the people in the region.

From the beneficiaries that have received equipment, they already started selling products.

Normally what I do is, there are forms that I distribute to the different constituency offices and also from my office and I announce it through the media so that people can complete the forms and then after the due date the technical committee sit and scrutinise and recommended beneficiaries to the project committee.

And this is how beneficiaries are chosen and this time around we will follow the same process it’s a matter of time when we receive the 2018 money we will commence with the plan.


Laura Mcleod-Katjirua Khomas Region

It is important – maybe it should have happened long back but nevertheless we cannot cry over spilt milk. It is so important that it has some impact with in our communities. We really identify communities that must benefit from this program because we are also looking at a broader impact because the intention is to eradicate poverty. And we are not saying we are thoroughly going to eradicate it but we thought of making use of this money which is meant for developmental purposes within our different regions.

If you look at the impact the program has throughout the fourteen regions, we as a country should really praise it. We have a structure in place that looks into submitted projects to see if projects are really there. One thing we do not want to do is create projects with this money because then it becomes sort of our own work and not the people’s projects. We will buy equipment for those who want to create projects to make a living from it but we will not spoon feed them. The moment we do, the ownership becomes questionable. We only come in and try to finance them.


Lucia Basson Kharas Region

Especially for us the governors it is very important because it has helped a lot since we have received this money. We have managed to help rural and urban communities.

I mostly work with entrepreneur’s projects in terms of assisting them, what I have done is not just give money to anyone that requests for it because it is government money and somebody should take responsibility of the money.

Therefore I only mostly work with registered entrepreneurs and registered cooperatives. I also help communities that go through drought. The government has had shortages of money but through the program we have managed to help people with water pipes as well as helped in the areas of education. I have also helped a traditional medical student achieve his medical licence whereby his medicine have been tested by the UNAM School of Medicine. And I don’t want that to stop I want it to continue because I want to help our communities.



Lawrence Sampofu Zambezi Region


First of all we have poverty in the region and Namibia as a whole.

Then we have unemployment, so with this program we have managed to create projects for grass root communities so that we can eradicate poverty which we know is not as easy but those communities who have benefitted there is really an impact of development for the communities for creating wealth amongst themselves. It is very important that the communities take ownership of these projects so that they change their living standards to their living conditions.

We inform the communities about this money and they come up with their own projects which they need funding for because we can just not impose our own projects on them otherwise it will not work.


Marius Sheya Kunene Region


The program is very important, I think we cannot down play the significance and the impact that it is having in the communities. It is assisting us as governors to assist our people and the challenges they are facing to address them with the little funds that we are receiving.

My predecessors have been doing quite well we are not going to reinvent a new  system. I am surrounded by experienced heads in terms of the other 13 governors which will also give me advice in terms of implementation and how to make use of the fund towards benefiting of my local community.

I am informed of community challenges through my recently concluded constituency visits. The challenges were raised by the communities in terms of what their daily challenges are and this is where we are going to put this money towards. I will make sure that all and every cent is accounted for and it is spent well for the communities benefit

Usko Nghaamwa Ohangwena Region

The development for the country is ongoing and you know the government has spent a lot of money for the development. If you had been here before independence you see the difference. However people are complaining but for myself as a person I can see that this money is coming from the pocket of the government. Visit the northern regions one can easily see the developments there. I’m not referring to infrastructure but I’m referring to the people. People have building double story homes – the government is doing very good.

You know this money that we get, we already took it and invested it into projects. All of it is used to benefit the community. We have come up with vegetable gardens, we have established toilet facilities for schools and we have also drilled bore holes. We have succeeded and have so far drilled eight bore holes which is currently operating which has helped communities because now their livestock and they have water for themselves. I call upon the mining industries to offer regions some money as well.



Sirrka Ausiku Kavango West Region

Speaking on behalf of Kavango West Region the program did impact on the life of the community because we have used the funds to make water provision to our communities.  Also as you know we have an IUM campus in Nkurenkuru and we have supported the first year students through this program.

We have regional communities consisting of all the stakeholders in the region, the youth and the traditional authorities, we sit and then decide what to use the money for.

In our region we have decided that we will concentrate on water provision and also supporting some students.




Errki Endjala Omusati Region


The program is something that we cannot do without. Number one is that the public outside needs development and it’s our wish to help them but if we do not have the strategic partners to help us with the formulation of good policies that are able to touch the hearts of many, it will become very difficult.

These funds have helped us create the much needed jobs for our rural communities and at the same time we are now creating some employment specifically for the youth. If you do not have social funds that are able to help you out, it really becomes a challenge.

There are guidelines that are leading us as to how to use that money and we will never go out of that agreement that we have with NAMSOV. We follow the criteria because there is a body that is entrusted now to select the applicants to check who are the most suitable applicants that need funding which are then recommended to another body.

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