Friday 14 May 2021
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Floral whispers – By Invite


With so many extravagant events taking place in the country on a daily basis, getting a set of beautiful crafted flowers to indulge your senses to the full is at the top of every event planners list.

Lucky for Namibia’s its creative industry has a diverse set of individuals who have explored their talents to the best of their abilities. This means there is capacity for any event your heart may desire.

By Invite is a creative business, headed by 28 year old Nduuviteko Mushimba and her team who have proven time after time to be just what most event planners need.
The well-known craft business among many started off only by providing luxury invitations to the general public and has now more recently added paper flower designs to its rail of craft designs.

This seems to be the talk of the town because if one were to look in every nook and corner a slight touch of By Invite would not be too far away to spot, as it is always in demand.

A very vibrant Mushimba took time out of her very busy schedule and had a brief yet meaningful interview with The Lounge.

Having always had a creative soul, Mushimba explained how she opted to use her creativity to her advantage by identifying a niche market which she could deliver a product too that’s not readily available in Namibia.

“I decided upon creating paper flowers because I have always seen and heard many people complain on how expensive real flowers are which lead to the establishment of the business.”

She further noted that real flowers are also less economical due to decreased durability compared to paper flowers.

“I wanted to offer Namibian consumers a more economical, versatile and aesthetically pleasing option in terms of flower decor and a luxury option for invitation cards which the Namibian public has taken a great liking to”.

Her entrepreneurial journey sounds as real as the journey of all business people. Tough and full of risks.

Mushimba highlighted that having introduced paper flowers to the market was a difficult task at the beginning because she had to win over a lot of potential customers.

“People fear what they do not understand and I knew it was my responsibility as an innovator to make people fall in love with my product in a different manner.”

After having crossed the bridge of difficult waters by gaining her customers trust, Mushimba expressed how relieved she was, as the reception of the paper flowers has been amazingly overwhelming.

“With confidence, I can now say that paper flowers have now become a special part of most events and interior decorations. I am happy that our creativity is in demand, that it is constantly developing and that it is enhancing the celebrations and interior spaces of our customers.”

One of her best highlights was when she was offered the opportunity to present her work at the International Women’s Day (IWD) breakfast for Women in Leadership hosted by the Ambassador of Finland to Namibia.

“As a women myself I was surrounded by other prominent women that day, and I felt honoured to have been among the invited guests to show of my work which I must say all the women that attended loved.”

Mushimba highlighted that all the exposure that she has gained so far with in her entrepreneurship journey could not have happened if she had done it on her own.

“I have a great support system behind me, even though I manage the business by delegating but I still need so much help and lucky I was able to organize a well-coordinated team.”

Mushimba further noted that in many cases it is often said that a person who does not know how to delegate does not grow. It is also said that a person who believes that they can do everything better than everyone else does not grow.

More recently Mushimba held a workshop to train women on how to create their own paper flowers because one of the core aims of the business is to empower women locally to create their own paper based creative businesses as well.

Even though the business is still in its infant stage, she explained that her and the rest of her team are deeply rooted in growing it further by expanding their flower design options.

“We also hope on expanding the type of material we use to materials that are more durable as well as create job opportunities for more Namibian women who tend to hide behind their God given talents.”

On an average, Mushimba spends two hours on a flower arrangement depending on the kind of design customers want.
“We also charge from as little as N$50 and upwards, depending on the size, the complexity and the material. We also offer rental flower backdrops which is priced depending on the size of the area that needs to be covered.”

By Invite believes in sourcing only good quality paper and providing beautiful, unique and certainly long lasting flower creations to our customers at a fair price.

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