Wednesday 21 April 2021
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No one ever calls when you are broke

The sooner we as humans realise that some people are not loyal to us but are only loyal to their need of us the better.

Because once their needs change so does their loyalty which is kind of a hard pill to swallow.

People mostly only surround themselves around those whom they can benefit financial from.

The beginning of every month or the end of it would have any working person wondering what they did to have their phones ringing constantly.

Not knowing that people only pretend to care when they are in need of some money but once they notice that there is no money in hindsight they stop calling.

They stop being concerned about you and they forget that there was ever a person like you that exists.

So why do people do this you may ask, well as human nature might have it the only people that probably truly care for you might as well just be the almighty and your parents.

Other than that forget believing Peter who you have known for almost ten years but only calls you on the 30th of every month. He doesn’t care about you.

You should note that certain friendships are built on people needing each other and that’s okay but when boundaries start seeming like one person puts in more effort than the other then it certainly needs to be rechecked.

People tend to be self-absorbed and it’s important to want your own interest at heart but for you to receive benefits from certain associates, you should in return offer the same.

At times it may be a good indication to have people that trust you enough to only call you to ask for monetary help because it means that you are their go to person which is wonderful, I mean it’s always good to know you can help in various ways.

However what then happens when you don’t have anything and still need them to be present in your life in times of need and they aren’t.

So let me make it very simple for you and assist you with ways that you could make use of towards those that only contact you for money.

Learn to say NO to them when they ask in the simplest and easiest way without feeling bad about it, you do not have to explain yourself to anyone.

It helps them realise they should better as people and call in to check on you without need anything in return.

Secondly if push comes to shove and you feel like you do not want to entertain their pocket sucking ways, cut them off by all means.

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