Thursday 17 June 2021
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Islam made me a better Christian.

Growing up I had little to no knowledge of the Islamic faith. All I knew was they pray by continuously kneeling down and that they don’t eat pork. In later years after 9/11, I had a very bad perspective of the group because of the attack. Naïve I know, but I was young and stupid!

So over the past three to four years I went on a journey that truly turned my whole life around. I was given the chance to live in a majority Muslim community and I had the chance to meet Muslims from all over the world, brothers from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia to families from the Islamic community in Malaysia.

Now I don’t want to come of as “fake woke” or anything like that, but with all due respect, we as a modern society truly have some serious issues that we need to deal with among and within ourselves.

Before I dive right into this I need you to know “violent Islam” is real, but our judgment to the whole community because of the extremist group is down right unfair! You know how we have Christians that stand on the side of the road and FORCE people into repentance? And Christian families who force their children to be Christian or they will be kicked out or disowned? Well the Islam extremists are pretty much the same. But what we as a society have done is place the whole community under the same judgment of an extremist group they have no control over.

That’s a whole topic on its own, I just want to share with you how Islam helped strengthen my faith in Jesus.

First lesson I learned is obedience! Muslims have an obedience to the customs of their faith that Christians are actually supposed to be mirroring, but our modernization of the faith has watered it down.  For instance praying, we as Christians can go a week without praying and on a Sunday morning call unto God cause we need something.  Muslims pray 5 times a day and they do so voluntarily. Businesses close shop for those 15 minutes and allow their workers to go pray if they need to.  Man as Christians if you need to go to church on a weekday your boss will tell you no, you can go on Sunday.

Second lesson. Charity! I’m not saying Christians don’t give, but the passion Muslims have to give to the unfortunate is honestly beautiful. Most Christians lost touched with giving unless of course social media is involved then, “yes lets make the things to be done.”

My third point is the elephant in the room. Our dressing or lack there of! I am a fashion enthusiast and I am as guilty for encouraging more skin exposure just like the rest out there, but its not something we should take on lightly.

We see majority Muslim ladies covered and it’s the norm, as matter of fact I would see some of my female Muslim friends literally freak out at the next girl because she is exposing her hair!  With a lot of Christians, if a girl is wearing a “doek en lang skirt” she is a nun! Like being a nun is such a bad thing. Its beautiful to see the average Muslim girl voluntarily decides that they will cover themselves up! I respect that so much, especially because of the society we live in now.

With all that I’ve experienced this is but a few that I can mention. But the Muslim community reminded me of the mandate Christ has given me, to reach out and take care of the community not just monetarily but spiritually as well. Islam reminded me to keep praying and having communion with Christ and Islam reminded me of how modest we are to be and just how much love we have to show to our society and to God.

I hope one everyone can live in harmony and strive to understand one another instead of judging and discriminating beforehand.

One thought on “Islam made me a better Christian.

  1. Moe west

    Such a beautiful article from a modest and honest man
    All religions are teaching us to phrase Peace and Unity before distinguishing our differences and so does Islam
    thank you for simplifying some of Islams practices for those may dont have the knowledge and blindly guided by the media


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