Monday 12 April 2021
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Luis talks men’s fashion

Clothing from its earliest days has never had anything to do with style and appearance but it had more to do with humans having a form of protection from the words harshest elements. These are elements such as the sun, rain and the cold.
However over time, clothing has been modified to enable men to look like a million dollars, simply dapper.
From baggy suits and baggy jeans to better fitted items like slimfit, clothing comes in all sorts of designs and colours being embraced by an array of men. Beyond a doubt, men’s fashion has and is still evolving.
At the present time men have tapped into wearing clothing such as happy socks, floral shirts, ripped skinny jeans, hats and even accessories without feeling a loss of their masculine identity.
The Lounge met up with Namibia’s very own fashion guru, who is also a creative director, international model and founder of Waka Waka Moo, Voigush Africa and Windhoek Fashion week, Luis Luis .
Having had a passion for fashion for quite some time now as per his biography Luis  describes his fashion sense as an attribute that keeps developing over time. This he says is because fashion keeps changing based on what designers come up with.
“One learns to keep up with fashion based on current trends and looks of different seasons and I am no different”.
When it comes to seasonal outfits, it requires those who are daring enough to keep exploring  as the seasons change. For Luis  this has been an easy process because he is well accustomed to it.
With Namibia being a country blessed to have winter, summer, autumn and spring; dabbling into different seasonal fashion trends a walk in the park for the avid fashionista. The stylish Luis  further highlighted that he has always been open to playing around with his looks despite the opinions of others.

“I do not allow people to decide how I should look nor do I allow them decide what I should wear. If something looks and feels great for me I most certainly go for it”.
He explained that he believes that the baggy clothing era is over because it is very rare to find people who still dress as if they were in a 50 cent music video.
“People no longer wear clothes that look as if the clothes themselves were wearing the people – instead of people wearing the clothes. I am so glad this phase is over, honestly”.
Luis  explained that baggy clothes are a no go area for him as he prefers slim fitted clothes that enhances his muscular body frame.
“I am more of a slim fit look guy, clothes such as skinny fitted jeans, shirts and fitted suited jackets are my kind of style because I wear my clothes  – they do not wear me”.
He further noted that most men confuse a great look with it being connected to certain brand names like Gucci and Guess among many others which at times cost a truckload full of money.

Luis  for one does not believe in labels and prefers wearing local African designer clothes.  At times he sources clothing from Namibian designers to bring a specific style to life. This allows him to be creative and enables him to create a specific look from scratch.
“Expressing myself through my style of dress is something I enjoy because it makes me who I am.”

For the most part, Luis’ looks are a palette of bright colours and piecing together various clothing items. Most ordinary folk would not imagine ever putting together something from scratch but this is something he does with great flair.
As fashion continues to move to different areas learning to play around with different patterned clothing, bold colours, materials, lengths, pleads, buttons and sequences is an art that only a few are able to master based on extensive observation from fashion idols. Mess up and the infamous Fashion Police will be there to haunt you.

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