Tuesday 13 April 2021
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An Agent of Change – Hermien Elago


“I am a woman on a mission, eager to discover just how great the human body was designed to experience and to discover what it is capable of as I go about discovering myself as a female” – Hermien Hermien

Open to sharing life lessons on growth, courage, change, discipline and the tenacity of the human spirit, 35 year old Hermien has managed to swirl her way into many a Namibian’s heart.

Through social media blogging in a candid, authentic and sometimes humorous manner she has managed to become a professional speaker, entrepreneur and now she is a nutritionist in the making.

However Hermien’s journey through life has not always been all unicorns and rainbows as she suffered many a setback struggling to maintain a healthy weight for a very large part of her life.

“My weight has always consumed and affected almost every area of my life. In 2013 during a meeting I found it difficult to sit in a comfortable position because my weight made it so difficult for me to breathe properly.”

Having found it difficult to breath by simply being seated catapulted Hermien onto a scale and that’s when she realised she had reached the triple digit stage as she weighed 100 kilograms.

A distraught Hermien decided then and there that something had to give and that something had to be herself. She started off with making little changes to her diet and going on hikes three days a week around the Auasblick Mountains.

Having shared her efforts from the beginning on trying to lose weight with her social media friends who kept on encouraging her, she realised that success meant falling down 7 times and learning to get up on the 8th try.
With every day of training passing, Hermien realised that she had become more courageous and eventually her body started showing signs of progress.

“I became an avid Crossfitter and a runner and in November last year, I ran my first full marathon of 42 kilometres long in November last year.

Just like any other tumultuous journey in life Hermien’s journey is no different. She is currently training to compete in a Physique Competition in SA later this year.

“I’ll need a lot of strength, training, limited cardio and also ensure that I consume healthy food for this competition.”

For Hermien this will never stop being a part of her life because she believes that it tests her character and she would never want to be seen as someone that quit just because something seems difficult.
While she is no longer feeling enslaved and imprisoned by her old body, Hermien has found that facing life head on has had a great impact on her life and others.

Public speaking has gelled very well into Hermien’s journey of discovery. Considered an eloquent speaker and gifted with an ability to speak in front of big crowds, she has used her gift to make room for her as she motivates others because her weight-loss journey has proven to be one worthy of sharing with the world.
“People are tired of being bamboozled by random weight loss programmes and through my story I have managed to show people that notwithstanding the enormous challenges presented when one decides to lose weight, it can be done. My TEDx talk titled The Courage to Change which will be available soon on YouTube.“
Motivated by herself, Hermien aims to live until she is 90 with nothing to show but success as she is determined to win in all areas of her journey.
“I want the 90 year old me to travel the world without being held back by physical ailments and I want to do all this in a body that will not fall apart”.
One of the very important lessons Hermien hopes to leave Namibians with is that they need to understand that no one has it easy in life and many times they will stumble and face adversity.
Finally, it is a passionate Hermien’s wish that people do what it takes to become their own source of motivation. This she feels is because no one in this world should believe in themselves more than others.

Hermien plans to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in 2019 to fulfil one of her personal goals that she is focusing on as well.

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