Sunday 16 May 2021
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Worship to the King

The Clive and the Now Generation Classical Gospel Production is literally one of those events you can book for yourself a year ahead.
This year, Namibians will be treated to the Night of Worship for a second year in a row.

Clive and the Now Generation have been around for nine years focussed on creating a platform for the Gospel to be shared in all kind of musical genres whether it be traditional, R&B, jazz and now classical. In 2017, the group performed with a 5 member orchestra and this year the orchestra is expanded to a 12 member group. It is also worthwhile to note that Lady T and Alexandra will be the guest artists for the event.

With the NTN’s doors scheduled to open at 18h30 on Saturday evening, it is expected that patrons be dressed exquisitely in line with the theme for the event which is “Worship to the King”.

In essence, the event will present songs from Namibia and the international Christian community but all of it will be done with a classical twist.

The Lounge spoke to the visionary of the event, Clive Willemse and he shared that “this year the feel will be unique with elements of Africa as stage décor.

The music will endeavour to bring two worlds together – one classical and one less formal. My personal highlight will be a presentation of an Otjiherero and Oshiwambo piece of music to which we have added a classical touch. Of course, the orchestra will accompany us throughout”.

The Now Generation has just returned from Thailand and in August they will participate in a live concert with renowned Christian band “Planetshakers”. As part of the International Gospel Festival, they will next year feature in gospel events in Vietnam and possibly Malaysia thereafter.
“ I am amazed at the doors being opened for us by God.”

This is certainly a production which will be one of a kind – and with tickets running low, concert goers are advised to purchase their tickets today at N$ 200-00.

According to Clive, one can expect the type of concert suitable to the corporate sector as it is hoped that they will in future get on the bandwagon to provide the relevant sponsorship.

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