Saturday 17 April 2021
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Perhaps it’s time we legalise abortion?

Abortion is an uncomfortable topic to talk about for the most part. Especially for those who are afraid to be judged because most people tend to live their lives based on the next person’s condemnatory opinion.
However we can no longer sit around and cry about how babies get dumped or left in hospitals yet not do anything about it.

I believe its high time Namibia looked into legalising abortion because we have too many women who end up pregnant and not wanting to keep the pregnancy.

Which is fine because I mean why bring a life into this world when you do not have anything to give the kid.

And when I speak on not having anything it’s usually a female who has to depend on someone else to care for their child when we all know that life in itself is already a struggle and not too many people are open to assisting.

Why get pregnant in the first place would probably be a question most people would ask but remember that not everyone who falls pregnant does so willingly.

Women get raped by random strangers, uncles and sometimes fathers –  now imagine having to bring a life into the world that you got in such a manner.

This is not only forcefully disgusting but the person has to live with the shame of being impregnated by a relative because the system is not designed to cater for them by legalising abortion.

For many years abortion has been and is still frowned upon. Sometimes religious beliefs are used as a means to guilt trip those who do. We have so many women who take morning after pills yet they are not judged as much as those that decide to terminate a 3 month pregnancy. In essence, these are much the same thing because you’re getting rid of something that could have also been a baby even if it were just there for 24 hours. Double standards, I dare say.
Society at large needs to see the bigger picture here which in no way means that those that do decide to terminate a pregnancy are selfish.

The process of abortion itself is already complicated. And it definitely requires skilled doctors to do it. That is why it needs to be legalised.

We can no longer have young females who fall pregnant help assist each other with terminating pregnancies through their own backdoor methods. Such as consuming large quantities of alcoholic spirits or kicking their pregnant friend’s tummy to help get rid of it.

You would be surprised by the kind of lengths young kids who can’t afford N$ 1000 abortion pills would go to just to lose the pregnancy because they are not able to do it in a better manner.


It’s time we stop being afraid to discuss this and really try to implement alternatives such as legalisation for people who really do not want pregnancies and not have them forcefully keep them.

Be open to hearing why young females do not want babies rather than constantly judging them.
And at the same time, it is worth noting that the idea that abortion is dangerous is there. However it is just like any other medical procedure which comes with its own risks. Nothing is ever guaranteed so we might as well go ahead with permitting it.

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