Monday 12 April 2021
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Namibia Commemorates 28 Years in Style

CELEBRATING NAMIBIA:  All roads led to the copper town, Tsumeb for the 28th Independence Day commemoration. The day saw Namibians from 14 corners of the country beaming of joy at the Oscar Norich Stadium under the theme ‘United we stand, for the love of Namibia.’
The day celebrated diversity in culture with well-choreographed performances blending.
Highlighting a number of social and economic challenges that the country encounters and still needs to overcome, President Hage Geingob called on for unity on the course. “Let us therefore hold hands and place national interest and the pursuit of shared prosperity above self-interest.

… Let us stand united, as one Namibia, as one Nation, let us look forward, hold hands and contribute to progress in whichever way we can,” said the Geingob.
The celebrations featured cultural dances, the NDF’s march and parachuting, the air force, singers and dancers and talks from national leaders who all stuck to the scrip of unity on the day.


Photo credits: Namibian Presidency

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