Saturday 15 May 2021
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In depth of a dance – Namibia @ 28

We do not appreciate her enough!

Her blond hair that ever so gracefully curtains over her forehead, her forehead drenched in sweat from the labor of her people. Her skin glistens with diamonds and shines with a glorious beam from her chains draped all over her bosom. The bosom that produced man of hard work and survival. Her chiseled calves from the running, running towards greatness, and running from the remnants of oppression. Her name is //Ae //Gams, the Goddess of the south, the baby of Africa, the hardworking victor of the motherland.

Namibia is not appreciated enough; I say this hypocritically as I myself do not appreciate her for what she is worth. There has not been a day that goes by without our country being painted in a bad light. Sadly we never go out of our way to make it seem that Namibia is a great country.

I went on a short trip to the coast and with amazement I realized I am a jerk to my country. I never realized how beautiful it is, I never realized just how much it has to offer.
We have our dunes that have all the right curves, our waters that refreshes any soul that would allow them to. The people you meet in this country are so vast, you can never say “ah you’re just like who who…” without conviction. Our capital city is legit a whole snack in a mountainous bowl.

You go to the urban areas and you see life, you see joy, you see celebration daily.  We have the most amazing food; I have lost count of how many people have cried for aid when it comes to being abroad and missing home cuisine! From biltong to droewors, to oshikandela and tap water! Yes tap water; we do not realize how lucky we are to be able to drink water straight out of a tap!

There are so many things we take for granted, like for instance schools, there are children begging for schools and educational programs that we readily have available. Hospital, though we might say our state hospital is in shamble, we have a hospital. Sometimes we look at people that comment on hospitals and shout “my nigga please, you have medical aid! Don’t stress us…” now let me tell you as someone who has no medical aid, I appreciate that “dump” of a hospital so much!

We have security and protection. Yes I know our crime rate is higher than ever before, but are we going to blame Namibia for it? That’s like saying no because Jason is a trouble maker his whole house is in shambles and everyone from his house are trouble makers. Same thing for Namibia, we have a few individuals that have resorted to illegal measures to make ends meet and sadly innocent civilians are the target, but we still have police forces and security that keep us safe on good day.

Forget  the glass half full and half empty notion, think of it as the glass has content!


Now lets talk a little bit of politics… I’ve come to realize that we do not try to understand our politicians, we don’t try to get where they come from. Majority of our current leaders were freedom fighters, they are still living with a past we can only read about in our textbooks.  I truly believe that we should leave our politicians to do as they please, just like every other leader of other countries were allowed to do as they please.

I think of the politicians as little boys that just got a new toy car that they worked hard for. And in excitement they play with that toy on every and anything. Once the excitement blows over they start playing with it as it was intended to.

We have to realize that until our freedom fighter generation dies out our country will not have anything extremely new and modern happen! Its all in patience.

With that said its just good for you and your living standards to be positive. Think of the good first and then the bad it makes a whole lot of difference!

Celebrate your country, dance with her flaws and praise her dj’s, the dance floor is yours.

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