Thursday 15 April 2021
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Godoy ‘executed’ in fifth round

…as fans question opponents’ quality

It was raining blood spills and punches at the Ramatex buildings on Tuesday evening as the boxing fraternity celebrated 28 years of independence in the Legacy Independence Boxing Fight when all domestic boxers emerged victoriously.
Knock out artist Walter Kautondokwa floored Billi Godoy in the fifth round to register his 16th knock-out and 17th record win. In the main supporting bout, Jeremiah Nakathila retained his WBO Africa junior lightweight title when he stopped Ghanaian Patrick Okine in a bloody fourth round. Mike Shonena also had an early night hammering Tanzanian Said Yazidu 20 minutes into the second round to retain his WBO Africa welterweight title.
After a delay to the final fight of the night, it was Kautondokwa and Godoy’s time to walk their talk in what was the most anticipated fight of the evening. ‘The Executioner’ took the front feet from the onset, giving Godoy a couple of heavy body shots to brush off. The Argentine showed no signs of going down, responding with a series of shots that Kautondokwa welcomed unshaken.
Godoy on numerous occasions struggled with controlling Kautondokwa’s jab which was accompanied by a heavy right hand. Kautondokwa who promised a knock-out realized that his punches were taking a peal on Godoy who took advantage to unleash a left hook that sent the Argentine to the canvas.
Godoy beat the referee’s count but Deon Dwarte decided that the Argentine had enough of Kautondokwa and put an end to the torture. Godoy’s corner reacted in disbelief as they felt it was too soon and he [Godoy] had more in him to bring to the Namibian.
“The referee stopped the fight too soon. I should have continued. It was a knock down that caused a little fatigue but I still wanted to continue. But it is done. Walter is a good and strong boxer. Congratulations to him,” said Godoy.
Nakathila and Okine had one of the most exciting fights of the night before the dramatic fourth round premature ending. Okine, who cheered the crowd with a few moves and a show of his athleticism failed to overcome a speedy and hard-hitting Nakathila who had no intentions to play on the night. From the first round, the two exchanged heavy blows with Nakathila always having the upper hand.
In the second and third round, Nakathila had the Ghanaian to the ropes but the resilient Okine responded to show the Namibian that he was not a quick step-over. It was in the fourth round when Nakathila got Okine in the corner, gave him three hard blows before the Ghanaian decided to dive out of the ring. Okine landed on his head and sustained a bloody cut which made him chicken out of the bout.
Shonena had the shortest one-sided affair with Yazidu. Yazidu, who appeared vulnerable and at the peak of his boxing career showed no willingness to brawl with the youthful Namibian. Shonena gave the Tanzanian some powerful body shots which eventually wore him down. In a mix of blows 20 minutes into the second round, the Tanzanian called it quits after he sustained a questionable foot injury.
Talks on the quality of opponents who fight Namibian boxers at home surfaced on the evening with many boxing fans questioning the credentials of boxers who lose easily to the Namibians.
“How do you come here and lose with a foot injury in a game where you are exchanging fists and not kicking each other? I did not know there was a boxing hamstring until today. You could see that the boxer had no quality, any Namibian on the street could beat that Tanzanian guy,” said Erastus Imbondi.
Another fan said the politics in boxing is not doing Namibian boxers a favour. “This thing of bringing weak boxers to advance our boxer’s ranking will not help our boxers when they go out there. We must get good boxers and not these boys who come and dive out of rings when things get hot and then we celebrate a technical knock-out,” said Javin Swaartz.
Harry Simon junior who had four successful professional fights registered his fifth on the night when he beat Gerson Vaeta. The prospect, who now has five wins professionally faced an inexperienced Vaeta who had four fights which all ended in losses. It seems Vaeta had no intentions to box but he is played hugging more than punching “These are the things we are talking about. You put this [Harry jnr] boy with someone who never won just so that he can win and get his record clean. What happens when he faces his match internationally? We will all be embarrassed but the problem started long ago. All we are saying is that we need quality opponents who can really give us real competition, not this Mickey Mouse opponents who just come get paid,” said Swaartz.
In other fights of the evening, Max Ipinge defeated Malawian Limbani Powder in their junior middleweight bout. Timoteus Shuulula defeated Malawian Tinkhani Kamanga by TKO. Paulinus Paulus also had a short night defeating Malawian Misanjo Charles in a first round TKO.

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