Wednesday 12 May 2021
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What happened to G3?

If you took a walk down the memory lane of Namibian music, the well-known brother duo group G3 which comprised of Gustav and George will immediately come to mind.
G3 blessed Namibia with their ever so beautiful song ‘Olupandu’ which won two awards at the Sanlam/NBC Music Awards in 2006.

The song was written with the help of their mother who helped them translate it into Oshiwambo.

It was not only dedicated to her but also to those who have lost loved ones at some point in their lives.

Known for their soul soothing voices and blended lyrics, G3 will forever be a band that has left a mark in many Namibian hearts.

And because they are so loved, The Lounge picked up a conversation with Gustav, who now lives in London and is happily married to his lovely wife Amanda.

“Moving away was a good move for me. Though it was incredibly challenging, it was actually a blessing in disguise.”

An accomplished guitarist, Gustav confesses that “for years I stopped playing music.

I just decided to put my music on hold whilst I focused on other areas of my life.

I never thought I would return to the world of music and I can honestly my wife is the single reason why I started making music again.

So to pay bills, I took a job as a teacher.”

After loving the teaching profession to bits, after a while he realised that he had much more to offer the world to remain in that job.

“My wife and I had a chat about me quitting because financially it would be a strain on us if I left my job at the time, she however encouraged me to do what was going to make me happy and that was doing music.”

After ten years in the United Kingdom, Gustav applied for a spousal visa which he was awarded.

The successful processing of the visa then paved a way for him to apply for a student loan which came with a grant that covered living costs.

“The loan took of the strain from both me and my wife and I eventually enrolled into the British Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) in London where I studied song writing for three years.”
As great as it was for Pickering, he continued to face more challenges as most of his classmates did not understand why an older man such as himself was in a class with eighteen year olds.
“At the time even though it bothered me I was willing to do whatever I could because I was keen on getting back into music as well as to establish networks in the music industry.”
Studying music eventually became a smooth sail for Pickering as he received countless opportunities to co-write music with other artists which he enjoyed a lot.
After completing his degree another breakthrough came his way after he realised that he wanted to record music for himself rather than to write for others.
“With realising that making my own music would provide for me and my family, I decided to tap into online marketing which taught me the basics of approaching listeners the right way.”
Pickering recently released a single titled ‘Distance Lands’ which he wrote 15 years ago.
The song has received a great response with most of his flowers on social media excited to have him back.
“Knowing that people love and support my talent – wow, this has surely reignited a fire in me”
Speaking about family life and Gustav shared in a nutshell how he and his wife met.
“We’ve actually known each other for some time because we attended the same church in London, but we never really took note of each other because we were both in relationships with other people.”
When Gustav returned to Namibia, they kept in touch as friends and Gustav secretly grew a liking for her.
“We spoke a lot over the phone and one day I got enough courage and decided to send her an email telling her that I liked her.
Man, did she flip out !”  Amanda stopped talking to him for two months because of the advances he made towards her but Gustav eventually managed to apologise.
“One day she emailed me and told me that she also had feelings for me and that’s basically how we got together.”
He describes married life as being the best because his wife’s family were so accepting of him and to date her parents love him so dearly.
Pickering is currently on a country tour with Amanda discovering the beauty that is Namibia.

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