Saturday 15 May 2021
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Businessmen are no better than “Tsotsi’s”

Namibians have no respect for art, no respect for effort and damn near no respect for creative professionals.
First of all business men and business woman. Y’all need to stop before karma comes back to bite you in the rear end. I don’t even believe in karma but what ever she does I pray it will not be your portion. Can you not be a hypocrite?  Can you not forget who you are and what you stand for?

Before I get into it, let me ask you – you’re hosting an event and you’re charging people at the door. You have paid for decor, lighting, catering and some staff that you hired for the night are waiting for their paycheck –  all the guests who are coming tell you one thing at the door. “I’ll pay you later! Let me maak you ntja later!”

The only reason you as a businessman or woman would pull this stunt on a designer/photographer is because you don’t respect their hustle. You don’t think they are as worthy of being paid as you are of earning profit! It might not be that deep, but imagine your freelance creative having to sleep on an empty stomach when you owe them enough money to help them survive a few more days. The economy is not friendly, she is chewing us all up and spiting our remains in our face! And the government be asking if she wants to go for seconds!

Then clients who are in need of something “small”! I am amazed every single day of my not so financially exhilarating life at the requests and demands I get from clients. A client will you call you up at 10 pm for artwork to be done by 9pm that very same day! I get we have deadlines and sometimes we mess up with resorting to last minute outsourcing and damage control. But why leave me in the crossfire?

Clients will tell you a load of donkey saliva about designers or photographers that can’t do anything right, they will write a letter with the letter head you designed and email it with the email signature you designed to the website you spent weeks working on, telling the world how much of a substandard designer you are for charging them… apparently they cant stomach the fact that you had the audacity to charge them for YOUR work!

We will spend late hours in a room where your bed is constantly screaming for your attention, forgetting to eat or sometimes to breathe just so my client is happy.

Somehow amnesia hits them and they don’t remember providing you with a vague brief for your 5 hours of work to be done within 30 minutes ago and then you call me to ask me how far I am, and that I must just quickly come up with something that looks professional so they can propose for that job they need or that company they want to start.

Let’s get something straight, graphic design is not just me moving around a few pix and putting a font on it! You are heavily mistaken if you think photographers  just take pix and put a ‘ka-young’ Instagram filter on it! You insult a videographer if you think Windows moviemaker will be easier and that you only  “have to trim the last 8 seconds of the video”. Man, you guys are just funny!!!

The reason we are so “expensive” is not because we want to counter scam you, it is because we are giving you a discount!  If you know how creatives have degraded himself or herself for the sake of the client you wouldn’t think it’s a joke.Honestly I know as a designer this is not the way out, but I’m just tired of being scammed out of my hard work and having to smile because – Customer Service!

We spend years studying, whether at university or through self-study, we spend years perfecting our skills, spend thousands of dollars on programs and equipment, we take hours to rationalize and come up with designs from scratch.
We literally have to work our creative magic at night because our 9-5’s are as real as your need to have bread on the table is. So imagine I’m sleeping 3-4 hours less because your request came 1 day before the deadline.
We can do better, so lets respect each other’s hustle and we can respect art.

We may not realize it, but artistry and creativity will soon be way more necessary then it is now presumptuously.  And by then we will have major clients that wont allow us to spend time on you. Don’t be left behind because of ignorance.

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