Sunday 18 April 2021
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The choreographed corruption in Noah’s Ark

Just so we stop blowing our horse, the Minista is not going to jail. Your newborn baby will write their matric examination before we see that chester boy who worked at NWR going to jail. Just by the way, he will be your MP soon. Allegations on da former chief lawyer ( ok I know he is not qualified but still ) will never see the light of day and so it will be for all other Blue, Red and Green comrades. And you know mos, we will just be making noise because we are not eating.

The very same way you need to be connected in order to eat marathon chicken at a Wambo wedding is the same web you need to get out of trouble in the brave Republic. This Land of the Grave is a true living example of every man for himself and God for us all, one day. And this has nothing to do with race so take off that tribal and race jacket. What we have the genuine, authentic and choreographed corruption. Once you get into government, you go on corruption familiarization and orientation trips just so you don’t get it wrong.
The recent sputum on our peace and prosperity in the house of Harambee is the official’s dribbling skills catching up with her. Those with eyes say the political versatile striker dribbled her team into the housing goal-post. The goal was not disallowed because the same striker was the referee of the game and had looked  the match officials, except one. That’s why the story came out.

It is said the madam played chess on a list that was to favour the early birds by pulling the familie-dobbel card to ‘skomol’ her relatives up right at the stroke of sunset. The madam is also known to have a tight fist on opponents opposing her super powers, something the masses can only wish she had for her 8-5 job.

A few years back, it was reported that another of Minesta’s friends in the Harambee house was caught offside. It is said the comrade went outside his rural house to collect herd of cattle at night. The prosecution madam refused to bring the political botsotso to book. History tells us a lot.
Driving a Merc is a dream every Shoprite employee gets. But in Namibia, it is a construction trolley. One that we bought for the minister is being used to carry Ohorongo’s 32.5 cement bag to plaster her backyard flat where most of you rest.
Nothing is wrong with this move, plus the cement is synonymous to the weight of most of the parliamentarians, especially the land sheriff. Nothing will be done to this madam.
Similarly, another political head was seen rolling the green number plate in the streets of South Africa. The politician-cum-slay-queen decided to go chess with the black Merc on a lunch date with an unknown concubine. Just like the cement ambassador, the case was brought to light and the slay queen has not denied any nip of the story but this is Namibia, nothing will be done.
We have a culture of exposing corruption but we do [email protected] follow ups. And that’s all we can do by the way because we trust Tate Paulusha in the Pohamba (I didi notu noo) ACC office will do the rest. But NO. He and his sister in the prosecuting chair seem to have a list of who and how to go about those close to the State House Administrators and the elite circle.
Noah’s tryin’ to fight corruption is not genuine but more of vitality points contest. There is just no rhythm in the fight for corruption. I will not put pen to paper having a pessimistic mind that there will never be corruption under Godfried’s table when it started under the watch of the founder and king of statues, through to the yours truly.
In fact, corruption and government goes hand in hand. In NamLish, the two nouns are synonyms. There is a thin line and that is why those who are not eating can see and smell it from the other side. We have made peace with this corrupt truth and we do not expect change anytime soon. We are not saying that you shouldn’t be corrupt, but just don’t take too much.
Our corruption is extreme guys. You get a tender to buy flowers for a Swapo funeral; you buy your two dankie Botswanas and use the change to buy the flowers in China town. Even when the invoices come back with a China town stamp, nothing is asked. Some get a tender to build a bridge; he builds nothing, not even one. With no shame because he/she knows where to buy the ‘Get Out Of Jail For Free’ card.
Numba One seems to have no interest on fighting the evil besides talking about it. His little effort to fight corruption reminds me of Mampele Ramphele’s one day lesbian shine in politics. You only know its s3rious when he stands up, but after that, ayee.

The worst affected and immediate victims of corruption are the poor and marginalized members of the community.
But it’s okay mos…

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