Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Stop expecting sex because you bought me a drink

I’m sure any women out there is able to tell their own tale of how a man, friend or stranger offered to buy her and her friends drinks and in turn expected sex from her as a form of payback.

I honestly wish men could engrave it in their heads  –  that you are not entitled to women in anyway.

As a women if I agree to go out with you on a date, why can’t it just be seen exactly for what it is ‘a date’ and nothing more.

I don’t have to sit in fear wondering that if I do not give a man my number or a chance to see what’s under my clothing –  he’ll lose his temper and want to hit me.
Consent plays a very important role and men from a tender age should be taught that. While at the same time teaching women as young girls that saying NO to a man should not be something they should be afraid to utter.

I am honestly glad that as a women I am able to stand my ground and refuse advances made my way especially if I know that it’s not going to benefit me in the long run. Also because I just am not interested. It’s possible, you know !

However for some women who are not so out spoken standing their ground, this isn’t a trait that comes naturally to them. It then becomes difficult for them to say “No” to a man’s advances and they’ll probably end up flirting back even if they do not want to because of fear.
It sad that women have to force themselves to be somewhat kind towards men just to ensure their own safety. Is this really the kind of world we want to continue living in ?

I also just need to highlight that if you as a man go around parading that a woman owes you something because you spent money on her than rather go spending your pennies on your male friends, you are pathetic.

If you as a men believe that you have the right to hold buying a woman a drink as a form of leverage then “ shame on you”. You should realise that women themselves have the right to refuse giving you what you want. I mean it’s only fair.
But this is not even a game where we decide what’s fair and what’s not fair because some matters such as these do not even have to be put into comparison.

Women do not ever feel bad about a man who has chosen to spend money on you and you refusing to go back home with him.

Whether it’s a friend or a lover you do not have to in anyway or form have to abide by their rules and please them when you are in not interested at all.

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