Monday 12 April 2021
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Christians don’t belong?

Sick people go to hospitals and sick people stay there till they are in perfect health. No one looks at you weirdly because you are going to the hospital for back pain or cancer, but if you’re looking for someone there to do your taxes or to open a bank account for you then we’d question your sanity.


I’ve mentioned it before I am a born again Christian and I’ve been “walking a life journey trying to build good relationship with God” for the past 9 years now and its been nothing, but amazing.  I’ve made some of my best relationships, even with non-believers, because of my path with Christ (Jesus Christ) and I have also met some erry characters during this time.


Now in 9 years of living a lifestyle that some deem fit, be it Christian or non- Christian, we can all imagine the experiences I’ve had. Having gone from 3 different churches, ok technically 5 and that was because of studies, I have definitely had my fair share of variety when it comes to denominations.  All of that has been really great for my character building and spiritual growth.


But, I have noticed over the years that churches, who claim to worship the same God and believe in the same Bible, presumably, have been so divided. The war against the traditional church, the charismatic church and the “new age” churches has been nothing but damaging to the religion in my honest opinion.


I am probably going to get so much flack for this, but let me have my moment. From churches fighting against traditions and human doctrine to churches having a problem with other churches allowing sinners to serve in the sanctuaries, the fight has been prevalent.


So I know judging among Christian is allowed, but there’s judging for corrections and then there is just judging out of hypocrisy and a superiority complex. For years different churches have been springing up out of nowhere, and its been part of the churches history since, the Bible.
Since Biblical times there has always been a divide in churches, best example I can think of is the Pharisees against Jesus and His disciples. And even after someone died, He rose again afterwards just by the way; the war among the traditional and the now Pentecostal church has been at hand. And even with this clearly stated in the bible churches have still not come to a conclusion.
Now lets address the outsiders who refuse to take part in the practices of the church, but still feel obligated to judge the whole church. You know what? You are right! But I just don’t understand how it is that everyone in this world is allowed to practice their faiths and religions and yet when it comes to Christianity, we have to take several if not all the seats.
We claim “freedom of speech, freedom to your right to religion” but Christians are shunt at every opportunity.
There is a lot of judgment coming from the community for what Christians do and our failures are so “micro watched”,  so no matter what we do right, you do something wrong at a moment of – I’m not even going to call it weakness – humanness, we get lynched.


Tell me why it is that the voice of Christian means nothing to most societies? I get it, not everyone wants to be told how to live life that’s just how it is but not all Christians are shouting “Turn or Burn” on the corners of the streets. Some of us, actually a lot of us, really just want to show love, the love that we are taught through the teachings of Jesus and His predecessors and those after Him.
The “Church” is a man run organization and men are not perfect at all; we strive to be but will never come close. As Christians we go to church – which also has its flaws, but we go for fellowship, to learn from people who have struggled or actually know how to relate to things we thought we are alone and help us overcome but most importantly to build our spirit being and morals [see hospital explanation in first paragraph].
With all my imperfections and all my sin, societal or spiritual, I decided to walk a righteous path not based on my righteousness or the lack thereof but with someone who deems me righteous on the basis of  what He has done for me. I am going to mess up, we are going to mess up, I will offend someone and I will have my moments of weakness. But if our president who the majority of us voted for, can’t please the majority of his people, how on this God given earth will a Christian please you ?

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