Tuesday 11 May 2021
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You do not owe anyone proper English

I cannot wait for the day people stop using English as a method to measure intelligence. How smart and knowledgeable of a person you are does not depend on your ability to speak or pronounce certain English words correctly.

It is a greater catastrophe to have people who are not English descendants laughing at others who struggle with the English language but they themselves can’t even speak their own mother tongue.

The fact that people make fun of people like Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses is quite pathetic to say the least. Most of us tend to forget that he was born and raised in Okapya in the northern region of Namibia where we all know that English is not a dominant language.

People sit and shamelessly ridicule him, because of his lack of ability to pronounce or construct English sentences as they see fit.

Instead of wasting your time making fun of him, why don’t you invest in doing something for the country like he has and is still doing.

For those that make a mockery of him, since your standard of speaking English is so above standard – why is it that we don’t ever hear about the great national pride activities your ability to speak English has achieved for Namibia.

This is why most Namibians will remain the way they are because they tend to focus on things that do not matter.

Laughing at someone because they aren’t able to do something is hurtful and even if those you laugh at seem to not care, it still is not a good thing to do.

These bashes mostly come from the younger generation, who have had the ability to attend schools that offer English. But at the same time they forget that their parents most likely also never had the chance to go to English speaking schools.

So how would you feel if someone made a mockery of your parents who struggle to speak English the way you believe it should be spoken.

It’s honestly very disrespectful because non English speaking people are then forced to supress themselves and refrain from speaking just so that they wouldn’t be made a joke of.

Some people even suggest that Hitman speak in his mother tongue which is not a problem it can be done. However keep in mind that Namibia is filled with a diversity of people and as Hon. Hage Geingob says nobody should feel out.

So has it ever occurred to you that Hitman most probably tries to accommodate everyone especially his fan base who may be interested in listening to what he has to say while speaking English in the manner that he can.

I just find it funny how people are amazed by English speaking people attempt to speak a language such as Oshiwambo and it would be seen as something that is out of this world and would be applauded.

But having an Oshiwambo person attempt to speak English is seen as a joke. We seriously need to do better as a country and accept each other for our differences instead of laughing.

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