Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Using diplomacy to distort genocide events

Right from onset, I beg to differ with the approach of using diplomacy for distortion of historical account and facts like it is being done by some representatives of the Germany and Namibian governments on the issue of the Herero and Namaqua genocide (The Ovaherero and Nama genocide).  The unethical political expediency of talking to the gallery (attempting to sound politically correct) by distorting and corrupting the Ovaherero and Nama genocide as ‘Namibia genocide or genocide against all the people of Namibia in general’, must be rejected  and condemned in the most strongest term with all contempt it deserve.

The corruption and distortion of the Herero and Namaqua  genocide as ‘ general Namibia genocide’ is similar to the abhorable insult that it was not a genocide, but rather,‘it was war atrocities’ as purported by the inconsiderate and insensitive representatives of the  Germany government.
This deduction and prejudices of the Herero and Namaqua genocide which is being corrupted into the  so-called ‘war atrocities’ must be treated as a new crime against humanity  being committed against the  Ovaherero and Nama communities by the German government and accomplice.
The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) list the Herero and Namaqua genocide amongst many more other genocide such as the Holocaust (Hashoa,”the catastrohy”), Holodomor genocide, Assyrian genocide, Cambodian genocide, Armenian genocide, Genocide of the Cathars, amongst many other genocide.
Many of the Ovaherero, Ovambanderu and Nama refers to the Herero and Namaqua genocide as Ovaherero, Ovambanderu and Nama genocide based on their cultural understanding and interpretation, but this is not the same as the generalization of the subject matter factually, like the malicious intention of those who are referring to it as the so called ‘Namibia genocide or genocide against the Namibian people’ in general.
The CPPCG has recorded the Herero and Namaqua genocide committed by Germany against those two specific communities as such, therefore, no amount of diplomatic lies, distortions and manipulations will succeed to alter/change it into the so-called ‘Namibia genocide or genocide against all the Namibian people’ or ‘war atrocities’.
Germany and her colluding cohorts’ wicked agenda and unholy alliance on this emotive tragic issue is really disgusting by all purposes and intentions.
The United Nations has declared genocide as a crime against humanity with a clear definition. In many a cases genocide is targeted against a specific group of people, but not the entire nation-state, and this is the case, with regard to the Herero and Namaqua  genocide.  By way of further illustration, during the second world war in Germany, the Nazis specifically targeted the German Jews for ethnic cleansing and annihilation.
And other European Jews in other European countries such as Poland etc, suffered the same genocidal fate at the hands of Adolf Hitler’s Nazis troops during the war. The Tutsi and moderate Hutus as a people were targeted with genocide in Rwanda, and the world-wide genocide list is abound.
Up to today, there are no historical records showing that the Nazis has committed genocide against all the Germans in Germany, and all the other European people in general other than the Jews during the second World War.
In Germany, the denial of the Holocaust is considered and treated as a serious crime of anti- Semitism.

Now in light of the facts stated above, why is the Herero and Namaqua genocide being generalized or diluted and cocktailed as ‘Namibia genocide or genocide against all the Namibian people’, as if the two communities mentioned above were not targeted with the extermination orders for ethnic cleansing and annihilation by Imperial colonial Germany in the then Germany South West Africa around 1904-1908?
Why is the Holocaust not generalized as German genocide or European genocide like the Herero and Namaqua genocide is being generalized?
It is ironic and sad, that both Angela Merkel (the German Chancellor) and her government envoy to Namibia  on the so-called genocide negotiations, Mr. Ruprecht  Polonz are both German Jews who cannot tolerate anti-semitism with regard to the Holocaust, yet in the case of our Herero and Namaqua genocide, they are guilt of treating it with prejudices and disdain by referring to it as ’war atrocities’ or ‘Namibia genocide’ without specific qualification and sensitive, as it is the case with other genocides in global politics.

What a shameful neo-Nazi racist and fascist inclination display and approach on their part (Merkel and Polonz ) who ought to know better?  It is really pathetic to say the least.
As a descendant of the survivors of the  Ovaherero, Ovambanderu and Nama genocide (Herero and Namaqua genocide) , there will  be no day, even in my wildest dream, will I ever down play or prejudice  the genocidal experience(s) of any community which suffered from genocide across the globe, e.g. the Holocaust.

Hence I expect same sensitivity and courtesy from Polonz and Merkel in their handling of the Herero and Namaqua genocide.
Furthermore, it is high time that the Namibian government take a progressive position or stance on this matter, and stop playing double standard of inconsistence double talking which plays well into the hands of the right wing conservative German government representatives who seems to be handling our Herero and Namaqua genocide issue on the basis of the influence of racist neo-Nazis’ ideological philosophy.
Appeal is hereby made that both the German and Namibia government representatives negotiating for the settlement solution of this tragic historical issue, must start treating it with the sensitivity and sincerity it deserves.
Diplomatic manipulations  and political expediency must be avoided at all times in dealing with this emotive issue, as that strategy, will not yield any positive outcome which can bring closure to this more than a century old crime against humanity.
Towards this end, the recently noted  toughening tone of the President of Namibia, Dr. Hage Geingob  on his diplomatic engagement with the Germany representatives is  a welcome positive development.  One hope to see Namibia sustaining that new approach and stance on the topic.

The Germany government must not be allowed  to continue treating us with disdain and disrespect as if we are its neo-colonial outpost nation-state, simply for the sake of the so-called development aid, which in reality nurses its’ (Germany) economic, social and other interests in Namibia.  In real practical terms, this so-called Germany’s development aid mostly benefit German consultant firms and other Namibia-based business entities owned by Germans.
Again the so-called development aid cannot equals, Germany’s economic and business interests in Namibia per capita on general economic aggregate of our economy’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or Gross National Product GNP.
Germans remain the richest group in Namibia, therefore, Germany benefit a lot through the economic activities of her citizens of dual citizenship who live in this country (Namibia).
This is also so, given the fact that there are still many untouched commercial farms which are owned by German-absentee land lords in  Namibia, and the tourism industry in Namibia is dominated by  business entities with Germany links, the same with the trading sector etc.
For an example, the entire service and real estate economic sector in the city of Swakopmud is dominated by the Germans. Swakopmund is like a Germany small city outpost in Namibia with German language spoken there like as if it is the second official language.

Despite all the exclusive Germany – linked economic interests listed above amongst many others, Namibians of German origin (effectively Germans of Namibia dual-citizenship) also benefit from the so-called Germany development aid to Namibia. German owned private schools, German cultural organizations, including those that are taking care of some graves also benefit from Germany government sponsorships.
Evil imperial colonial Germany of Kaizer Wilhelm illegally has gotten a lot of economic benefit from German South West, while present day Federal Germany benefit much from our minerals, fisheries, agriculture, tourism, trade etc.
It is therefore, a fact, that the Germany economy rely on the Namibia economy most, in comparison to their so-called development aid insult which Germany government representatives often brag about.
This so-called German development aid to Namibia insult must stop forthwith with immediate effect. It is Germany which benefit most from Namibia, not the other way round so far.
Mutual respect for mutual co-existence is the way to go with the aim of sustainable harmonious relationship between our culturally diverse communities.
Insult,  push and pull based on insensitivity, arrogance, and ignorance will lead us nowhere.
For some, if not for all the descendents of the victims of the Nama and Ovaherero genocide, the painful unbefitting and unjustifiable catastrophic fate which once upon a time have befallen our ancestors cannot be reversed or forgotten.
We may forgive and reconcile, but we shall not forget.

We shall not forget as we are daily reminded by the reality that our previous homes (our ancestoral land) such as Ongejama, Otjosazu, Okakango, Eharui, Otjomuise,Okahandja etc which were dispossessed from our ancestors ( Nama  and Ovaherero) are no longer  our homes as they used to be during pre- genocidal war against the Nama and Ovaherero.
We cannot forget because some of our great grand mothers were raped, the injured were not spared, and all the Nama and Ovaherero (women, children  and men) were thrown into the  concentration camps.
*Catch part two in next week’s edition

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