Thursday 15 April 2021
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Unleash Your Invisible Great

“We can no longer live frustrated, unfulfilled, unhappy and unpassionate lives.

We cannot continue living life to please people and making other people happy while sacrificing our own happiness. Individuals need to get to the point of asking themselves difficult questions to get fulfilling answers” reads a snippet from 32 year old, Otto Kapuka’s book ‘Unleashing And Honouring Your Invisible Contract’.

The book released on 26th February took about ten months to complete and is Kapuka’s first book. It stems from a certain school of thought that he holds dear to himself, consisting of personal experiences.

It also brings to the fore painful yet necessary experiences where one learns to become the best version of themselves throughout achievements and misfortunes.

Unlike many authors who spent their teen years peering over books while growing up, for Kapuka things were much different.

Kapuka never had a passion for writing nor was he invested in school.  He enjoyed farming which he remembers being very good at.

It is only until he got to his tertiary education stage where he developed a liking for writing. His personal interests experienced a renaissance and he started to realise what he wanted to do with his life and from there onwards his life goals started picking up.

While sharing his journey towards becoming an author, Kapuka who is part motivational speaker, part mentor and radio personality by profession noted that before putting his thoughts into his book he knew that he wanted to produce a read that was going to impact various readers.

“As a life coach and mentor I wanted to go beyond what I was used to and decided upon putting out what I believe is helpful written information for people who prefer reading over listening to talks”.

The book is made up of fifteen chapters and it also has an array of chapters which focus on career guidance for the young and relationship advice for adults.

“I have also included a chapter called Appetite for Growth which covers reasons such as why most people in life struggle to become successful. Sometimes people do not realise that they need to break away from individuals who may distract them from growing up”.

Kapuka explained that the writing process for his book was quite an easy one because he was writing based on something that he was very passionate about.

“When you do something that is close to your heart it does not come by force and you really don’t have to hustle. It’s just ideas that come to mind effortlessly and that’s how the inspiration for my writing developed”.

He further explained that the ideas in the book are his own as he is very creative and innovative.  He sought to take writing to a whole different level.

When asked about what a successful book to him was, Kapuka stated that he believes that it’s any type of book that is able to make a positive impact in an individual’s life. He remains hopeful that his book will deliver the same

“Money comes second before anything else for me. I want to change people’s lives for the better.  I want to meet people who walk up to me to tell me that after having read my book, it changed them for the better. That’s how I will know that my book has reached the pinnacle of triumph”.

One of Kapuka’s all-time favourite authors are Joyce Meyers and the late Dr Myles Munroe among many others. He is also inspired by people who have the ability to speak about daily struggles in life which resonates with so many people.

In addition Kapuka encouraged aspiring writers who want to write to firstly develop a love for writing and to invest a lot of time in order to produce a read that leaves people with a great impression.

“Don’t just leave people with the idea of it’s just another ordinary book because this can damage your career for a very long time, go all out”.

He further urged writers to study the industry and know it well because the world is a dirty place. “Know the publishers you want to make use of, and check for issues of copyright. People tend to exploit those who do not conduct the required research to their advantage by over charging writers for work that at times would not even cost a single cent”.

Kapuka is currently in the process of writing his second book that will be related to the first.

“If you read my first book I’ll be leaving you in suspense in regards certain things that have occurred in my life. Book number two will continue to give an insight on the other events and more books will follow. It is like a continuation of most things that have been happening in my life”.

The book is currently only available by orders and is priced at N$ 300. Kapuka can be reached directly through his Facebook page or via his email [email protected]

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