Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Perfecting your eyebrow technique

It has been famously stated that “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. Two words are noteworthy : eye and beholder. They are noteworthy because eyes behold what is observed and then an image is communicated about that which is being beheld.

Eyebrows to a certain extent define beauty and therefore we have witnessed fashion trends related to the eyebrow from a pencil thin design to thick arched brows, all in the name of being so distinguished.

With history repeating itself, we are now experiencing the return of thick arched eye brow in an attempt to appear mysterious and bold. Fashionistas, socialities, models and actresses seem to decide what’s in vogue at any given time. But what has changed now is that trends are longer the defining feature in regards the sculpting of the eyebrow, but the shape of one’s face determines the type of eyebrow one would like to sport. However, what is not negotiable whether thick, thin, super thick or pencil drawn, an arch it must be.

Perfecting the eyebrow shape is a challenge for most women especially for those who do not have any makeup artistry skills.

It is of cardinal importance to note that eyebrow perfection cannot be achieved in one day but with constant training, a great eyebrow shape is well on the way. To get the job done, one may tweeze, wax or thread to attain the eye brow shape you would like.

Before attempting do anything with your eyebrows, make sure your brows are neat. Allow me to digress for a moment by sharing what the real purpose of the brow is. Their main function is to prevent sweat or water from falling into the eye socket. I bet you didn’t know that.

Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair-removal technique, practiced for centuries among women in Asia and the Middle East. It is the best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for women who have sensitive skin.

If you are not able to do this by yourself it is advised you visit a local salon that charges approximately N$ 20 for either threading or cutting.

Shaping of eyebrows should be done at least two weeks after a previous cut this is because facial hair tends to grow quickly.

Knowing what type of makeup products to make use of matters as well, because this is what can make or break your perfect eyebrow attempt.

Having the correct makeup brushes is equally important. These can  be ordered online from sites such as Amazon, EBay or any local pharmacy stores such as Dis-Chem.

But the perfect eye brow requires more than a mere brush. It requires a full suite with an eyebrow pencil to suit your complexion, concealer, and eyebrow powder or eyebrow gel.

All these products can be purchased at drugstores or even high-end make up brand outlets like the MAC section in Edgars or the Revlon section in Truworths and Foschini.

While focusing on the perfect eyebrow, it is worth remembering that eye brows can also communicate. Done wrongly, you may appear angry. Thus, there are various do’s and don’ts when perfecting that eyebrow that women would be wise to follow should they choose to draw their eyebrows.

Firstly you need to comb your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush in the desired direction to create your ideal shape. Combing also brings forth a much more natural look.

Filling in the eyebrows can be done with either eyebrow gel or an eyebrow pencil  – it all depends on what works best for you.

The brow gel helps put eyebrow hair in place for a longer period of time throughout the day until washed off.

The eyebrow pencil is highly recommended for beginners because it gives one more control in terms of what one would like the eyebrows to look like. It’s almost like tracing on a piece of paper and is much simpler to cover up if drawn too big.

One should keep the eyebrow pencil freshly sharped while filling in the brow because it allows you to create a more pointed and focused stroke.

Once you have drawn on your eyebrows and you are happy with the shape, make use of a little amount concealer and a concealer brush. The concealer brush is a little brush that makes a huge difference when used correctly to outline and clean up your eyebrow

Blending in the concealer with the rest of your face should be done as well as it will present a more natural look. You can make use of the concealer brush or your finger to balance the concealer outline with your skin.

That’s all it takes to make the perfect eyebrow without having to complicate the process by drawing ridiculous sizes of eyebrows. Do not overdo it; remember less is more.

It’s important to note that sizes of eyebrows depend on the size of a woman’s face, particular women who have smaller face shapes and features need to stick to drawing their eyebrows in a much thinly manner. Bold and dramatic eyebrows tend to suit much rounder faces.

Make Up Artist (MUA) and Owner of Lucy’s Salon, Lucia Nekongo in an interview with The Lounge noted that presentable eyebrows take time to shape.

“It’s not easy to get it right the first time and even though I have been doing people’s eyebrows for a year now, I usually take an hour or more just to perfect my client’s eyebrows”.

Nekongo further explained that the products she uses are usually affordable as sometimes people have a tendency to to believe that high end products do the best work.

“One can achieve their perfect eyebrows with affordable make-up. You really don’t have to  buy expensive products because the end result depends on how good your ability is to shape and draw them on”.

She stated that there are various YouTube tutorials one could follow that will help you perfect your eyebrow game. Consider this a bargain because it does not require endless amounts of money to be spent on beauty school.

Do not beat yourself up to much if you do not get it the first time – everyone has to start somewhere.  Hopefully, before you know it you’ll have people asking you to assist them with creating the perfect arch.

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