Friday 14 May 2021
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Gin and Tonic Cocktails

After a long week’s hard work, what better way is there then to unwind in the comfort of your home by fixing yourself and group of friends a great mix of Gin and Tonic (G&T) cocktails.
G&T is a highball cocktail that is usually served garnished with a slice of lime. However it requires it be made with exceptionally good branded gin such as Bloom Gin, Rock Rose Gin, Tanqueray 10 Gin, Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, Bombay Sapphire and Hendricks Gin which are all quite affordable.
Keep in mind that the quality of any G&T blend also depends on the type of tonic water used to make the mix. Preferable tonics would be Schweppes Tonic Water, Luscombe Tonic Water, Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water and Franklins Sicilian Lemon Tonic.
G&T cocktails are refreshing and have been a trending ideal drink for the past few months because it’s so simple and easy to make.
In a room full of people eager to try out new drinks, the classic G&T would bore them to death. Learning to mix it up by experimenting with different ingredients does the trick.
The Lounge sourced a few G&T recipes that bring a whole new meaning to what a great cocktail should taste like.
With the ideal gin glass, the ‘Copa de Balon’ a type of glass that is perfect for drinking gin and tonic cocktails these great recipes can be achieved.
Cucumber and rose G&T
Firstly spread rose petals into an ice tray with water and leave it to freeze for a few hours, the aesthetic feel of a good looking ice cube is just perfect for the cucumber and rose G&T drink.
After the ice cube have frozen place four to five cubes in the glasses you intend to make use of and fill them with about 50 ml of Hendricks Gin which is ideal for this cocktail. Since it says cucumber add a sliced piece of cucumber into the glass and splash tonic water of your choice on top. If desired, place the remaining rose petals over the drink to give it a great neat look.
Barcelona Style G&T
The city of Barcelona is known for its love for G&T, just as Russia is known for its Vodka. The city’s very own G&T mix involves sea salt, caper berry, aromatic olives, lemon twist, rosemary sprig, Plymouth gin and Indian tonic water.
To achieve this one of a kind simple blend, you’ll need to place the glass you’ll be using into freezer to chill for a while.
After removing the glass from the freezer fill the glasses with two-thirds of ice cubes and rub lemon twist around the rim of the glass and drop it into the glass.
Do the same with the rosemary sprig and add a pinch of salt. Drop the caper berries and olives into the glass as well. Add gin and use a spoon to stir. Splash tonic water on top and there you have it.
Raspberry Rose G&T
For this mix you’ll need roughly two-thirds of punnet raspberries, one-third of Bombay Sapphire gin, three tablespoons caster sugar and three tablespoons lime juice. You’ll also need a quarter teaspoon rosewater, crushed ice, tonic water, half a lime for garnishing and one teaspoon dried food grade rose petals that can be found at speciality food shops.
This drink will require an hour of your time for the raspberries and Bombay Sapphire gin to infuse for the best outcome however if time is not on your side this step can be skipped.
Adding a hand full of ice cubes into the desired size of glass and pour over an equal amount of the infused raspberry mixture in both glasses.
Pour chilled tonic water into the glass, add a slice of lime and scatter over dried rose petals to the mix.
Spicy G&T
Spicy food lover this is a great cocktail for you. You’ll need red Thai chili but keep in mind that any type of chili would work as well. Add fresh lime juice, ice cubes, gin and tonic water.
After having gathered all the ingredients, cut the chili lengthwise and place it in to the glasses that you’ll be using.
It’s called a spicy G&T cocktail, use a wooden spoon to lightly press down the chilli in order to get its juices from it. Squeeze some lime juice for taste and add ice cubes.
Note that adding fruit juices such as apple, cranberry or orange into your gin blend can sweeten it and help remove the drier taste a few people dislike about gin. You can as well make use of syrups and liqueur to help with adding a hint of flavour to the G&T cocktails.
Remember to put just the right amounts of G&T into blends to ensure that the drinks can be consumed.  Keep in mind that presentation matters so go all out.
It is also advisable with all the fun and amazing moments that can be shared over G&T drinks, to drink it responsibly. A glass or two of G&T should be enough.

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