Friday 18 June 2021
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NWR slashes its rates by 75%

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) this week announced that it will be running its 75% discount during March, as Namibia celebrates its 28th anniversary. The discount will be running at all its facilities spread across Namibia excluding campsites and its Terrace Bay Resort.

Resorts such as Gross Barmen will see a room costing as little as N$ 242.50 per person sharing with Hardap going for as low as N$ 125.00 per person sharing while an individual can expect to pay N$ 282.50 for a chalet at Popa Falls. NWR is thus urging everyone to make use of these ridiculously low rates as an opportunity to travel, explore and enjoy the serenity of this beautiful country.

NWR’s Managing Director Zelna Hengari says that “running this special has become a tradition during our Independence month. As a company that is mandated to run the tourism facilities within the protected areas of Namibia, we see this special as an opportunity to showcase our beautiful flora and fauna to those that might not be able to visit due to financial constraints. We, therefore, encourage each person to make use of this opportunity and treat their families at such low rates “.

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