Saturday 15 May 2021
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Kaxuxwena gives back

Namibia’s own renowned Meriam Kaxuxwena is making waves again and this time around for an even better course.
Kaxuxwena who’s known for her skyrocket modelling career and hilarious encouraging videos that have spread all over social media, is now investing her talent in giving back to the community through her modelling school ‘MK Modelling Academy’.
The academy aims to introduce young women of all body sizes, heights and complexions who are between the ages of 16 to 27 years to various fashion industries by teaching them catwalk and posing techniques.
It also focuses on grooming self-confidence, fitness sessions, pageant coaching and professional photoshoot portfolios for those interested in starting a modelling career and just any one in general that want to learn how to carry themselves as respected women.
Speaking to The Lounge Kaxuxwena noted that the establishment of the academy is her way of making sure that she is assisting females with in this area as she believes that in life in order to make it everyone needs a helping hand from someone else.
“Right now I have 108 models from the Khomas region who have signed up for training and there are still many more in the Erongo and Northern regions that will have the opportunity to do so as I will be travelling to these respective regions”.
She further explained that in order to make the academy a success she would be investing more of her time in Namibia.
“I’ll be doing part time modelling for now as I want to build the academy and take it places. I also want to build my brand further and get to know more of my fellow Namibian compatriots”.
Kaxuxwena highlighted that the academy will also select 32 females from those that have registered to take part in international pageants as well as do promotional and commercial work for companies in Namibia and abroad.
“For the rest of those that have signed up and do not make it into the 32 chosen females, they’ll receive modelling certificates as well has gain exposure through my reality TV show with NBC”.
She however could not shed light on the reality show as it is still a work in progress but however gave her word to do so once talks were finalised.
Kaxuxwena plans to also hold an extravagant event that will take place in September.
The event will showcase her gym and lingerie line and plans to invite international designers and models to give motivational speeches and modelling adequate skills to the 32 girls that will be part of the academy are in the pipelines.
“I want this show to me bigger and better than all my previous shows”.

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