Saturday 15 May 2021
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Erongo Mountain Winery

Situated along the Omaruru River at approximately 1200m above sea level, Erongo Mountain Winery (EMV) can be found surrounded by the beautiful rocky mountains of Namibia.
The winery is home to a Namibian cream liqueur known as Eembe cream, Devil’s Claw Liqueur and an array of wines such as Namibian Kiss wine, Etosha Blend wine and Maguni Sparkling Fruit Wine among many others.

The Eembe Cream made from the indigenous Eembe fruit has a very special place in the hearts of Namibians especially for those in the northern regions of the country.

Eembe fruit is amongst the main types of wild fruits found in Northern Namibia. During the months from October to March, green to yellow flowers appear on the Eembe trees, where long oval fruits can be seen in groups of three on a leaf. The fruit then changes its colours from blue-green, to a light yellow and lastly when ripened to orange.

Eembe fruit is a nutrient supplier that contains a 30 percent of sugar content in its pulp as well as vitamin C.

The fruit is usually harvested from March to April and during this time it is then consumed by many and sold for income for many rural woman in the north of the country who carefully collect and sort the berries.

Eembe Cream a spirit based liqueur is a handmade Natural product. Its taste and smell originates from the wild fruit. A true product of Namibian nature which is best served chilled or on ice.

In an interview with The Lounge, Sales Executive of Erongo Mountain Winery Danielle Indongo, noted that the Eembe Cream was produced by Erongo Mountain Winery since December 2015.

“The owners of EMW never liked the fact that only South African wines and liqueurs were being sold in Namibia thus the birth of the liqueur”.

Indongo explained that tourists buy Amarula as a souvenir from Namibia, but that it is a South African product which results in tourists never having the opportunity to truly enjoy anything local.

She further explains that the Eembe has a very nice interesting taste that goes well with the smoothness of the cream and it just seemed about right to make something for visitors from across the world.

Indongo reveals that they have bigger plans in the pipeline to create new local flavoured liqueur. “We do plan on expanding our range in terms of which flavours – however the exact flavours are yet to be revealed – the public will just have to wait in anticipation”.

The winery has a unique herbal liqueur infused with 100 percent pure known as Devil’s Claw collected by the Bushmen people. Devil’s Claw together with a handful other herbs makes this essence a powerful delight to consume.

This uniquely Namibian product with only the finest natural ingredients can as well be enjoyed as digestive and is best served chilled or on ice.

What would the significance of a vineyard be without its very own local wines.

Maguni Wild Orange is the sparkling Fruit Wine made from the Maguni fruit  obtained from Rundu and other local communities. The wine is said to make those who drink it experiencing a burst of fruit flavours such as pineapple,banana and granadilla. This wine can be enjoyed as a refreshing drink under the Namibian sun.

Namibian Kiss is a wine made for connoisseurs. Produced in the time tested tradition of wine making, here the process is slow, with only the slightest pressing and then being left to age for ten months in French oak barrels blended to give an elegant smooth red wine. Namibia Kiss wine leaves many wanting for more. The wine is uniquely suited during a barbeque.

Etosha Blend wine is named after one of Africa’s finest and most important game reserve namely Etosha National Park. Erongo Mountain Winery’s paired two opposing cultivars together in perfect harmony namely Etosha-Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz in 225l barrels for 12 months before being blended together.

Just as Namibia and Etosha National Park are inseparable so is the depth of Shiraz spice and sweet fruit complements the Cabernet Sauvignon’s boldness and dark berry flavours.

If ever you happen to find yourself in Omaruru make sure to pass by the winery and order a bottle or glass of all these wines and liqueurs that the country has to offer.

For those interested in private tours that provides visitors with an insight of the winery, you stand to be pleasantly surprised.

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