Sunday 11 April 2021
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Teaching children about consequences of Sex

I’ve noticed that most parents do not educate their kids about the costs that come with indulging in sexual activities. Because most parents expect school teachers to do so during a Life skills period which last for about 30 minutes and think that it’s enough.
No contribution from the parental side, because the topic in general seems to be an uncomfortable one most choose to shy away from.

But how long will parents keep pushing this topic under the rug? Why is it so easy to talk about other things in general like whose kid got pregnant but find it the most difficult to teach their own kids about the birds and the bees (sex)?
As unreal as it may sound whether parents like it or not, children know about sex as it is constantly put in front of their faces when they watch it on the TV, the console games they play and from friends who go around bragging about how cool it is to not be a virgin.
As exciting as sex may be for many children, it should be known that is comes with a lot of baggage attached to it just like that of an emotionally unavailable person. In simple it’s messy!
I for one think that parents should take time to sit their kids down and have the ‘sex talk’ with them.

If I were a parent, I’d rather spend an hour talking to my children and advising them instead of watching my 14 year old daughter come how one day crying because she fell pregnant after having had sex with a boy who is now denying her and the pregnancy.
I’d also rather have my son come home alive then have him commit suicide cause he just found out he has HIV. That he contracted from a random girl he met at a house party because his friends pressured him into sleeping with her, just to seem cool enough.
It’s of utmost importance that parents speak to their children. Instead of constantly telling your children not to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, educate them. Teach them about things like if they do decide to get into relationships,what to be aware of and what may happen during the relationship.Because trust me as much as you try to stop your children from dating they still will. They’ll date behind your back and as reality may have it the same applies when it comes to sex they still will indulge in it when you’re not around them.
So it’s better to teach both girls and boys to carry condoms with them all the time, whether they are sexually active or not. It’s better to go to war prepared. It’s also better to know as a parent that yes you indeed did speak to your kids rather than be surprised when they come home in a certain state and you have no one else to blame but yourself.
At the end of the day knowing that you as a parent are playing an active role in your children’s lives in all areas will deliver a better outcome in your child’s life.

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