Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Kanime withdraws case against employer

In an unexpected twist of events, City Police Chief Abraham Kanime has withdrawn the case he filed against the City council and CEO Robert Kahimise.
According to sources Kanime made a U-turn after intense discussions with Mayor Muesee Kazapua and Inspector General of the Namibian Police Sebastian Ndeitunga last week.
The Patriot understands the duo advised Kanime to drop the case and instead find an amicable solution to the rift that exists.

A combative Kanime refused to give reasons for his withdrawal.
“Who informed you that I withdrew the case? Have you ever heard the city talking about human capital issues, no? That is not a point of discussion, thank you for your source but I am not authorised to speak about those things. Bye Patriot, I will not comment please go back to your source,” Kanime said before hanging up.

Last year Kanime shocked all and sundry when he filed his complaints in the High Court. Kanime accused the CEO and council of the City of delaying him from performing his duties. He also claimed in the affidavit that he was being ‘ignored’ and ‘threatened’.
Kanime is believed to run the affairs within the City Police on his own terms and allegedly refuses to report to Kahimise. The department of City Police falls under the jurisdiction of the city Chief Executive Officer but due to power struggles, Kanime is allegedly not willing to comply, claimed city sources. In court documents, the rift between himself and the city bosses started when the City Police confronted residents who setup illegal structures in the 7de Laan areas.
In the affidavit, Kanime wanted the court to prohibit Kahimise and the council from interfering in his work.

“I was further given orders to stop implementing by-laws, and action which I considered at the time of being subversive of the rule of law,” he said. He maintained that he submitted a memorandum to the Mayor over the “unlawful interference” in the police’s work but received no response. “From January 2015 to April 2016, the unlawful interference in [my] responsibilities and duties by the [CEO] – an overt action on his part to frustrate [my] work – went on unabated.”
Kahimise confirmed the notice of withdrawal made by Kanime. Kahimise was reluctant to give any further details about the case filed by Kanime as it is an internal issue.
“The right person to talk is Chief Kanime. Those are internal personnel issues; Kanime has withdrawn the case so I think it is already a positive signal.”

Kahimise said “I never broke any relationship with anyone; I already told you that I am not going into details of the internal procedures and as far as this issue is concerned, it is a personnel issue.”
When prompted further, Kahimise got agitated with being questioned: “Listen do you want me to put down the phone which is what I do not want to do.  You can quote whatever you want. Kanime is the one that took the council to court; we did take anyone to court so he is the best person to talk to.”
Namibian Police Inspector Sebastian Ndeitunga has confirmed the meeting held with Kanime where he advised him to withdraw the case. It remains unclear as to why Ndeitunga motivated the withdrawal as none of the meeting participants wanted to give further details.
“If I wanted to say what happened in that meeting to the media I could have invited the media at the meeting which I held with all of them. I thought it was an inside discussion.”
“Who informed you about the meeting? My goodness! I have nothing to say in that regard. Just ask your source to get more information for you. Maybe you can ask Kanime himself then I have nothing to say.”

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