Thursday 17 June 2021
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He is taking you for a ride mama

It’s been a while since I had some brutal talk with my ladies so let us go down and lick some truth in your 2018. I don’t usually expect you to take my advice because we somehow need those who still wanna play around. As I usually say, we need living examples of life gone wrong so that we finger them as guaranteed consequences of the current lifestyles.
So let’s pick a bone with my women, or shall I call them girls? I see a whole lot of you are nearing your sunset age but still like the playground. For some reason you have bad luck with common sense and logic has never been your best friend.
The reason you could not see his status on Wednesday was because you are the side chick. Also, the reason he put his mother as his dp on Valentine’s Day is because you are not the only one he is panel beating.
Most of you are here trying to grow roses in war zones even when you know there will be no one to water your stupidity. Why follow a man who reserved you as side chick and still think he will elevate you one day?
Take it from me, any woman who accepts to be second in command and assistant to madam deserves no any other promotion in life than whore-chief-in-command. Its simple logic, if a woman can settle for the k*k bitchery, men know that she is malleable in any other area and that is how we exploit the shit out of you.
Men who are still at their playing prime like women whose thinking capabilities are as short as their hair (take off the weave and don’t count the extensions). These are the easiest to manipulate because they think all men are trash so they will settle for the one who is at least honest to tell them that they have a boss madam.

What you don’t realize is that there is no light at the end of that tunnel. Just think of the feeling you had this week when you knew that he was nowhere but with his legitimate madam.
By the time you wake up, your facial baby hair does not want to love vaseline and the sun has humbled your abilities to shine on true men to even take you to mind. Why do you think we have so many beautiful women in their 30s who have made peace with being single mothers?

And do not tell me that there were no men around willing to take you serious because that too is a lie. True man like myself are always there. The truth is that when we wanted to take you serious, you were busy whoring around and being some guy’s booty call. When the Lord from wherever sent you a real man, you were busy slaying around. And he left for your boring friend. That’s why you will always be bridesmaid and the girl who knows how to peel the potatoes.

And this is the other thing, men don’t often share with loose cannons like you. Who you are and what we see you do is what we take you for moving forward. If I found you drunk in the club and took you home the same day, then that is who you will be moving forward. If I found you in a relationship and we managed to start a side situationship, then that is who I will take you for moving forward. In the event your real nigger decides to dump your squad-made buttocks, never confuse me for the guy who knows you better and can be your next papis. If you could cheat on your man with me, who am I to be guaranteed that another nigger will not snatch you out of this relationship?

While your Chester-in Chief says 2018 is the year of reckoning, I say this should be the year of growing up. Let go of your bitchery adventure and focus on building a reputable life of a real woman. We do not have so many to look up to and it hurts knowing we are losing numbers every day. Take it from me, when it comes to the sex-bitching and whoring around business, women will never win. You can never outsmart men in this game.

Many of you will tell me otherwise but please write this down – There is nothing more dangerous than fighting someone who has nothing to lose. You have a reputation to lose and let’s not talk about cars with high kilos. No one buys a second-hand car when we know the last reckless driver.
It’s true, all men are dogs except on Valentine’s Day, but that does not mean you should be female dog. Men can, and will change, but not for k*k. And while we wait for them to get their sh*t right, at least give us a reason to believe there are women better than the ones we are currently playing with.

Find your purpose and meaning in life today. And when you find it, laminate it and make sure no one takes it or ever changes the details.

Go to church and get some taste of life with purpose. Do not let the bedroom of a misguided man become and forever be your place of worship.  Or simply talk to me.

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