Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Saying ‘I do’ as a young adult

I bet at some point in your life when you were younger, you imagined that by the age of 24, you’d be married to the love of your life.

And as funny as that may be now realising that you aren’t, for some marriage has become a reality that very few young adults find themselves in.

Marrying your long term sweetheart is among one of the best things that can happen to anyone as they do not have to go around constantly in search for love from different people.

Marrying young is a milestone that should be celebrated because it means that regardless of everything that gets thrown your way while growing through life you still manage to make it through with your significant other.

Many people look at young couples who plan on getting hitched and think that they do not know what they are doing because they are too young and probably foolishly in love as well.



But what most people don’t get is that what’s the point of waiting if you feel you are ready to get married; I mean there are older couples that get married at a later stage because they apparently know better but at times even they get divorced.

I for one believe that there isn’t a perfect age for marriage, so age does not break or make a marriage. What makes or breaks it is the effort that the two people put in together by either choosing to commit to one another or by letting one another go.

To think about it, if I had the opportunity to get married in my 20’s I would. I mean it gives me more time to be with the person I have chosen to be with and if in the long run we realise we weren’t meant to be, I’ll still have enough time on my hands to scout for someone new not that I plan to get out of marriage that easily.

Most of our grandparents would normally tell you that they met each other during their 20’s got married and decided to grow through life together and after so many years they still make it work and they are still together in this day and age.



So marrying young is not that big of a deal, you don’t have to have everything to be with the person you want as long as you are working towards building an empire with one another then there really should not be a problem.

Plus on the bright side as a young married couple you do not have to live up to society’s standards of what a wedding ceremony should be like. So there’s no need to have a lavish over the top wedding party as people would understand that the little wedding was based on the basis of what you and your significant other have.

And if you’re both happy nothing else matters. The world is going to talk regardless of whether you get married old and rich or young with an average income, so you might as well do what your heart and soul desires.

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