Tuesday 18 May 2021
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First dates & tips

“I’ve always been the girl that never got asked out, so when it finally happened I was excited yet scared at the same time” narrated Meghan Thomas as she recalls her first date experience.

Thomas told The Lounge that on the day of her first movie date she took a while to get ready because she wanted to make sure she left a mark embedded in her dates mind forever.

“I mean you never really get a second chance to make a first great impression”.


Which she believes paid off because when her date picked her up for their date, while hugging her, he told her that she looked beautiful to which she blushingly responded saying thank you.

Not knowing if she had to contribute to the date Thomas explained that she was shocked to see him pay for both the movie tickets and food that they ate in the theatre because she was accustomed to paying for her own tickets and meals when she normally hung out with her friends.

“I actually freaked out to say the least because no guy has ever done that for me accept for my father who always buys and pays for my stuff”.Thomas further narrated that during ‘The Hit Man’s Bodyguard’ movie that they watched, her date caved in, held her hand and gave her a kiss.

“I don’t know how to explain what I felt in that very moment when it happened but what I did know was that it felt more like a bunch of butterflies in my tummy while on a roller coast ride”.

Going out on any kind of date for the first time is usually exciting because you get to spend time with someone that you might eventually grow to like. However first dates are also terrifying at the same time because you are not guaranteed a good time.
With Valentine’s Day vastly approaching there is no better time to start getting ready for it then now, because you are likely to be going on a date with that someone special.


Here are a few tips you could use when preparing for a first date

Relax – Be the real you, do not try and act like someone you aren’t because most people these days can easily detect when someone is faking it from a mile away. So be yourself and if the person you are on a date with doesn’t like who you are then let it be you’ll find someone else who eventually will.

Dress smart – Dressing good for a date is very important but make sure you are comfortable with what you have on and make sure you do not reveal too much leave room for imagination because first impressions matter.

Be on time – Make sure you do not keep your date waiting while you get dressed, prepare well in advance so that when the both of you agree on 7pm as pick up time you’ll be ready.

Don’t use your mobile – It’s rude to constantly be on your phone while on a date. Remember to switch your phone of or on silent so that there won’t be any interruptions during conversations with your date.

Offer to pay – Don’t be shy to offer to help pay for the date, there is nothing wrong with sharing the bill.

Pay attention – Note down the important things your date mentions during your date as it may be something that will matter in the long run. Listen to the things they tell you that seem to matter especially based on interests, likes, dislikes, family and so forth.

Contribute to the conversation – It would be great if you partook in conversations with your date, make sure you both give your two cents on topics that are up for discussion and don’t make it all about yourself. And remember not to bore them to death.

Share enough but not too much – Let your date know a little about you but not too much, give your date a snippet of who you are and leave room for them to want to get to know you more through follow up dates..

Drink but not too much – if having a cocktail or glass of beer puts you more at ease then order a glass or two but just make sure you do not get drunk, get to know each other while sober.

Remember to not over plan and over think the date too much, go with the flow and let the universe put whatever it has instore for you and your date in place.

First dates are just like your first day at a new job make sure to have the best time of your life as this could be one of those memories that you’ll live to tell to your kids, plus it also paves your way to further options of other dates as well.

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